The Mentalist Review: Jane Pokes a Fish

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"Blood and Sand" had Jane poking and prodding the island locals in search of a killer. That's certainly nothing new.

But when he and Lisbon took a long walk on the beach and then he invited her for a spot of tea, it almost felt like a romantic moment between the duo. If only there weren't a dead body washed up on the sand. Pity.

Just a Day at the Beach

There was something about seeing Jane surrounded by butterflies that was both peaceful and a little wacky at the same time. Somehow it just fit the man, didn't it?

Jane thought the deserted island was intriguing. I'd say it was creepy, with everything closed and not a soul in sight. Well, unless you headed over to Parker's boatyard.

Jane did his best to instill paranoia into this already isolated group. It didn't take much. The island was full of loners looking to escape the real world for a myriad of reasons. You'd think living in a small, close knit community like that would keep you safe. What were the odds that they had two murders living among them?

Back at the CBI, Van Pelt was having a difficult day. She dumped coffee on the social worker and punched the guy who hit her. Honestly, I couldn't fault her for either action. But when your boss receives two complaints within an hour, you know your day isn't going well.

Grace was on edge. She's been having trouble coping, whether she'll admit to it or not. It's become a question of when it will come to a head, not if. How bad will it be when she breaks?

So Rigsby's dating a spunky public defender. Eh. I didn't really care. I think both he and Grace have moved on and she's got bigger issues to deal with than Wayne's social life.

I desperately wanted more of Cho in this episode. There wasn't enough of his great dead-pan lines, I'm sad to report. Couldn't we get a peek at Cho's love life for a change? Come on, The Mentalist.

Returning to the murder investigation, I liked the twist of the peaceful butterfly enthusiast stabbing someone 18 times. You just never know what someone is capable of.

This was not one of the better episodes this season. Other than feeling for the lonely foster child, I thought it was a little dull, although the last scene certainly caught my attention. Who do you think Jane was throwing that flower into the sea for? What was his message to them and in the end, did it make him feel any better? 

Let the guessing games begin, TV Fanatics.


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I agree with wandajune, I love the show and the Red John plot but I'm glad when there are episodes that don't focus solely on it. As for Grace, she is just hiding behind her rough exterior. If this episode is any indication, it is that she will break eventually because she is starting to let her anger come out in her work instead of remaining composed like she used to. She seems disheveled but its probably just a reflection of the issues that she has but won't deal with or admit to having. I just hope when she realizes that she has a problem that it won't be too damaging to her or her career. As for Grace and Wayne with his new public defender girlfriend, I think they've gotten past the awkward, lets-just-be-friends thing that they used to have and Grace seems to have other things on her mind besides his love life anyway. I must say I missed Cho and his deadpan humor, we need more Cho. As for Lisbon and Jane, I loved the scene at the beach because Jane seems to be in his element there, it just fits him and his carefree personality. I also loved the ending, although predictable it just shows the constant guilt he carries around with him for losing his family. He hasn't completely let go of it, and these little moments

Frank lee meidere

Of course Grace will snap. She has undergone a trauma and is resisting the help of a board-certified, expert, psychological-hoodoo guy. And we all know that nobody can ever recover from a trauma without submitting themselves to the board-certified, expert, psychological-hoodoo guy. Can't be done. She'll snap soon, and the show will join with all the rest of the shows in promoting the already-ubiquitous message that we are, now and forever, incapable of dealing with anything unless we submit to the appropriate expert help.


It's been confirmed by the writers that Cho will have his own 'awesome' arc this season, involving some form of personal crisis and a lover...this begins in 4.08 'Pink Tops' I believe.


I love this show. I agree with the review about Rigsby’s new girlfriend; I don’t really care either. Grace’s unkempt hair is a reflection of her inner turmoil. Wonder what the writers have in store for her - hopefully her final breakdown won’t be too damaging. Looking forward to getting more Cho in upcoming episodes, also to seeing how the team’s relationship with the new boss develops. I agree with lea – didn’t find the scene on the beach romantic. The ending was sweet.


I love the Mentalist. ANY episode without the line being RED JOHN is good


I thought it was obvious that Jane threw the flower into the ocean for his wife and child. A bit predictable imho and still nice. Didn't find the scene with Jane & Lisbon at the beach romantic at all, especially since Lisbon was so Lisbon and all uninterested in jane's little "gift". XD re: cho's love life: soon I heard ;)


I agree Grace is going to snap. I enjoyed the episode. I was caught off guard by the killers. Good suspence. I think Jane may have been sending the flower to his wife and child what do you think?


typical episode, sometimes entertaining, sometimes slow moving. Don't they have a hair dresser on set, what's up with Graces hair brushes either, for some reason it got worse and worse then just distracting, thought something was gonna come crawling out of that mess.

Uncle jackass

And I was starting to see an anger management problem with Grace which she isn't dealing with work very well.

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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jane: Beautiful isn't it?
Lisbon: For a crime scene, yeah.

I'm just poking at you. It's awfully instructive.