The Mentalist Review: Don't Con a Conman

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Like a ghost from Christmas past, one of Jane's old clients came back to visit him in "Pretty Red Balloon."

With her son kidnapped, Beth was desperate for answers and so gullible she wouldn't believe Patrick when he told her he's not a psychic and never actually was.

I appreciated Jane's honesty and his protectiveness when he told Beth's new spiritual advisor to take a hike. Of course, the new charlatan wasn't about to walk away from such an easy mark and I couldn't wait to see Jane take the smug psychic down.

A Lisbon and Jane Conversation

But was Patrick intervening because his conscience was bothering him as Lisbon said? Or did he simply take offense to someone doing such a poor job of pulling off a con? Or was it that a young boy's life was on the line and this was no time for playing mind games to make a dollar? Maybe it was all of the above.

Concerning the investigation, both suspects were creepy - and how stupid was that guy's girlfriend that she couldn't tell he didn't have a flat tire? I had no idea being gullible could be so contagious.

Was Grace meant to enter the suspect's house alone? She may have been playing around with Rigsby afterward, but I thought she seemed to get off on the power of shooting that man. Perhaps she's trying to take back control after all of the trauma and chaos in her personal life. Because the man she shot had already killed two boys and had opened fire on her team, I do suppose he had it coming.

Patrick's psychic moment was downright laughable, but I guess people will believe anything when they want to badly enough. And why is it that all psychics say someone is being held near a body of water? It sounds like the trick is in the use of the word "near."  It can mean 10 feet away or two miles and a "body of water" could be the ocean or a swimming pool. Patrick's correct, of course. There's always water around somewhere if you're willing to look and if the terms you use are vague enough someone else will undoubtedly fill in the blanks.

Personally, I enjoy the episodes where Jane's old life comes crashing up against his new one. I'd love to see more psychics, conmen and ex-clients in his future.

The best part of the episode was the end. Jane and Lisbon's banter was in top form as they joked about who was going to Hell and Teresa prodded him for a theological debate. I wished he would have gone along with that but it was almost too much for Patrick. He needed a nap.


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One of the things I noticed about the new season is how Patrick Jane is more willing to involve his cbi team in his shenanigans. More of a "we're in this together" closeness. There seems to some kind of barrier breaking down. Simon Baker is a great actor and his expressions say so much about what his character is thinking. When Jane had that close-up exchange with the other con man, his expression was so open, like "we both know each other and what we're like, don't we?" Even the Jane/Lisbon banter seems to have less of a barrier and more of "we both know each other" vibe. I saw this starting at the end of Season 3 when Jane first saw Lisbon in that bridesmaid dress. A barrier went down. It's subtle, but Baker is a master of subtlety. He never needs to overact to make a point. His face could tell a story if all he was doing is watching paint dry.


this ep was the best yet! it was nerve racking and i loved how Jane conned that annoying retched co-artist!!
if i was ever contemplating quitting this show, this ep got me hooked up all over again.


I loved Jane's psychic reading. I'm glad he got rid of that fake psychic. I think Grace is really struggling with what happened to her. I liked how she hugged the little kidnapped boy, it was heartwarming. It was an excellent episode.


Great episode. Highlights: Van Pelt at the beginning. Van Pelt shooting the suspect out the window and joking with Rigsby. Jane's psychic moment. Jane conning the psychic. The ending.


For me it was the best episode this season, I like to revisit the past of Jane without the appearance of RJ. Baker was fantastic

Kitanishi h mcdonald

This was seriously awesome episode. Jane as always is one of the most perfect and interesting main characters currently on tv and I love that episodes continue to let viewers interpret his actuals in different ways. Also, Van Pelt being amused at Jane picking on Lisbon at the start of episode was lol. Also the con man getting conned.

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