The Secret Circle Boss on What, Who is Next: Welcome, Jake!

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The Secret Circle viewers who have managed to pick their jaw off the floor following last week's stunning death are left with one pressing question: Now what?!?

Must the circle be bound again? How can all ix families be represented if Nick is dead? Executive producer Andrew Miller has two words in response to the questions: Chris Zylka.

Chris Zylka as Jake

The actor debuts on Thursday's "Wake" as Jake Armstrong, Nick's older brother. But don't look for him to receive a warm Chance Harbor welcome.

"Everyone hates him," Miller says. "He grew up with them and left a few years ago, and just kind of left an emotional bomb before he tore out of town. They don't want him to be part of the circle in any way, so he may be the key to empowering them, or he may be the very thing that destroys them."

So, will Jake join the coven? Miller wouldn't say, but did tease the character as "very, very dark." And when we find out what he's been up to over the last couple years? Simply put:

"There's a threat there," the producer previews."


ohh chris your so cute

Jess gannon

I'm sorry but Nicks OLDER brother, the show has basically told us that the parents were 17/18 when they had the kids!!!! So what did Nicks parents have his brother at 15/16 because if he left a few years ago and Nick was 17/18 when he died last week then they would have had to of had him then!!!! SECRET CIRCLE YOU BETTER EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS!!!!

Uncle jackass

A pretty good debut for Jake Armstrong. Agreed there seems to be an amalgamation of character persona for Nick to Jake from the books. Better chemistry betweeen Britt and Chris Zylka as well. Overall, Sad for Nick, but welcome the better story arc.


it's really risky to kill one of the main characters on the show!! i was wondering if the writers had an intention of bringing Nick back to life like The Vampire Diaries!! IMO, i prefer this new Jake!! he looks hot!!


xi* it seems like Jake's character will embody the original character of Nick from the books =)


Killing a [hitherto] main character in the initial episode order or first season is becoming a manipulative plot device. Remember Doyle from Angel? S1 of TVD witnessed the death of Vicky and all of the tomb vampires with the threat that either Tyler or Caroline might not survive the S1 season finale cliffhanger. Give TSC five minutes to add new beefcake and another year or so to bring Louis Hunter back.


not your first but yaah. lol


Dr.CerrenoMD , about your first comment. Mellisa was actually in the book, though it sounds like you know the books really well so I'm surprised you never realized but Melissa is Melanie, Check the names and everything, youll see. They changed up the character, but its the same person. :)


When I mean they could have stuck to the book more I mean that they should have used the characters from the book I.e. Physical descriptions, character traits, same names and people (there was no melissa in the book.) On team Diana was melanie and laurel and on team faye was susan and deborah. I just hope that they make it an awesome series in its own right.


@ Anonymous: Jake and the Book Nick are nothing alike. Nick is this brooding quiet teenager, who isn't quite into magic since he lost both his parents becuz of magic. He had this coldness about him that stemmed from the fact that he wasn't loved by his Aunt and Uncle. He was described as having this cold look that softened when he was with Cassie. (They were an item in the book) I get that the books didn't have enough drama to translate to a series that would probably span 5-8 years buuut they could've stuck to the book more. The only Male character in the book I liked was Nick. Oh well. I like the series for what it is and will watch till the very last ep.
I just had different expectations.

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