The Secret Circle Review: Two Key Rules

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In the first episode to not involve any adult cast member, the coven members found out exactly how serious and deadly things are getting with their magic.

We shared concerns last week that The Secret Circle might suffer from not being as action-packed/fast-paced as The Vampire Diaries. "Heather," though, proved it can play with the big kids just fine, thank you.

From the absence of any adult cast members, to the haunted house feel of Adam Barnes’ residence, ending with the wind-blown chase through Cassie’s home, this installment had all the classic markings of a Halloween popcorn-muncher. It even gave me a craving for candy.

Teaming Up for Magic

Oddly, using the classic tropes of slasher films worked. Having an episode sans adults and dedicated to the six members of the Circle allowed us to focus on how they are interacting and getting used to being bound together, depending on each other. A few things stood out for me:

Diana is going to clearly be the voice of reason. I’m not sure she will remain the top dog once Cassie is up to speed, but she is clearly the one that will think things through and point out the pitfalls. 

Apparently we traded grumpy Nick in for a much more romantic and caring Nick. Please tell me we can keep him. Watching him and Melissa together this week made me hopeful they will make it to full boyfriend/girlfriend status. 

Speaking of Melissa, I know that Jessica Parker Kennedy is in her mid-twenties. But, should they really be focusing on her cleavage and designer bra given the character herself is in high school?!? Don’t get me wrong, Kennedy is absolutely lovely. I’m just not sure if Andrew Miller and his team have thought through the message they might be sending. 

I almost thought Faye was softening a little bit when she apologized to Melissa at the restaurant, sadly I was mistaken. I’m curious if almost being choked out by a demon possessed woman will make her want to play nice with the other witches. Nah, probably not.  

Then we come to Cassie and Adam. Cassie tried so hard not to be alone with Adam and there Diana went, pushing him on to her.  I’m telling you right now, Diana. When Adam and Cassie finally give in and hook up, you have nobody to blame but yourself. 

Just last week Diana and Cassie had a long talk about Diana’s worries and fears. She has to be a much stronger person than I am to follow those fears up by sending the two out alone

Finally, if we learned nothing else this week, we learned the following rules:

  1. Never do magic you don’t fully understand.
  2. Never, ever, ever do magic you don’t fully understand! 


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Strawberry fields

Yeah, the show is getting better! :) Cassie was very irresponsible, but on the other hand it once again made the whole situation more realistic - they don't know what they are dealing with and they don't pretend that they do. No shortcuts, no all-knowing teachers that just jump in and tell you everything. Ok, Heather jumped in and explained some (but she got killed before we learned anything actually useful) and a lot of stuff is in the books, but it's nice that they need to figure it out with no help from some mysterious person (that usually shows up out of nowhere at the most convenient moment with all the answers). Cassie should have been more careful, but I feel like Diana wants everyone to be too careful. The Circle needs to practice more, so they can defend themselves. And they need to start asking questions. And one more thing about Diana. I know she wants all of them to be friends and everything, but when you have concerns about your boyfriend and some other girl, you don't push them closer. Especially after you expressed your concerns to BOTH of them. What do you want to prove, Diana? Speaking of Cassie and Adam - I really liked the way they connected this week. At first it was all chemistry-fate-stars thing, but now they are sharing personal stuff. I love Melissa and Nick :) she needs to stop listening to Faye, though. That is if she even walks alive from the whole demon-possession thing, of course. Faye is bitchy, she likes to stir things up and sometimes she's out of control, but let's face it - we all love that about her. And it doesn't mean she's bad. At the end they all have each other's back. Like some other people here, I'm mathematically confused. Who was in the previous Circle? Ok, not all of the parents had to be witches, maybe some of them were not. But we know Faye's dad was connected to the Circle (because his father - the guy Dawn killed - was clearly in the witchcraft business) and we also know Cassie's dad was magically involved (Dawn and Charles said that Cassie has a gift and she's her father's daughter), so that's already more than 6. They could have siblings and mix the families if they married each other, but that would mean some of the current members are related. Wouldn't someone mention that by now? And how would the six-rule (one witch from each family) work in that case? If you have more than one witch in the family or if a witch comes from two families at the same time? Who becomes part of the Circle then?


I love the show and really enjoyed this weeks episode. I've watched since the 1st episode and will continue to watch for as long as it runs.


This week was lame again. But I'd still continue to watch the show. I hope it picks up soon. The writers here aren't creative enough. Everything is so predictable - the two girls going against advice and trying to "help" the paralysed woman; the demon character waking up; the eventual fight (and how sorry is that?); the worm hopping on to another witch (and using a worm again? Have the writers here ever seen Supernatural and other really,really old movies prior to this? It's been done to death!) Come on guys, you can do better than this? You've got a fair chance at a second season. Please don't blow it by being mediocre.


Cassie Adam thing bores me :( Also they should put more scenes between Diana and Adam.
Faye is bitchy but in entertaining way, i enjoy it. THe phone call was the best part haha.
anyway, kind of scary, isnt it? TVD is scary but not as much as this. Yeah, this was a bit too much O.O


Can I just ask why there wasn't a little more freakage about a demon popping up in your house? Yeah I get that Heather's trying to kill me but not much extra WTH when she realizes it's a demon wearing a Heather suit trying to kill me.


I think the reason they are all only children is because at least one of their parents died really young and none of the ones that are alive remarried. Interesting that not all of the 6 witches in the parent's circle died. I wonder then what happened, they obviously did not all 'stay together', or some of them died and others did not, but they were still all there?


Oh the Secret Circle has taken a turn into the horror genre - I wish it would stay in the realm of fantasy/esoteric and have whimsical demons that explode with a single charmed fireball. Even TVD is more innocent than what we witnessed here. And Adam, he's moving around like Diana's handbag. Nooo Im all for equality between couplies, but this passive Adam following Diana around and trying to convince her, is not/not sexy, period. I was a little frustrated Cassiopiea didnt do more research before undoing the glamour, but i guess i can kinda understand her motivations. Best scene: Faye on the phone to Adam except that Cassie had just had her ass kicked downstairs. Nick and Melissa? yes and no. Faye was bitchy about it sure, but also trying to tell her friend that other people dont change just because you want them to. Thats a good friend message. Needs more cadam. Even getting into that truck together should be charged with the electricity of a thousand witches.


Hi Tanner1511, One one parent of each current Coven member was a witch. Here is the break down as I know it. Faye: mother is witch - father died in fire
Diana: father is witch - mother died in fire
Adam: Father was witch - mother died in fire
Nick: Both parents died, no reveal which was witch (yet)
Cassie: mother was witch - I think her father died in fire
Melissa: I'm blanking on her details, I am sure another TVFanatic will step in and save me. That help? Jim


I need them to explain more about the demon. This can't be the only one that was there that night where a lot of the parents died. A demon whose powers are restricted to throwing people across rooms and jumping up/down staircases. All attempts to kill were by strangling - how very human. Besides, this demon has some special connection to females. It fled when Nick went on the attack, and although in the morning nick was closer it entered Melissa. To introduce demons to new witches they have to start with a weak one because the circle don't understand their powers yet. But please, please, PLEASE tell me there were more powerful things there the night many more knowledgeable witches lost their lives.


What about the fact that it seemed like that demon was afraid of Nick. As soon as she saw him (unless I am mistaken) she ran like a bat out of hell. Then that little serpent snake hide in his jacket and did not choose him to take over. Nick must be very powerful or it has something to do with the fact both his parents died that night.

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Faye: Don't be that pathetic girl who thinks "he will change for me," they never change.
Melissa: Ok I got it, he's a loser, I'm a loser, feel better?

Some things should be done without magic.