The Secret Circle Review: Who Died?

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RIP, Nick, the bound circle and any fears that this show would be unable to shock viewers in the same ways as its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries.

I mean... wow. Did anyone see that coming? I kept waiting for "Slither" to conclude with some sign that Nick was alive, but nope. We got just the opposite, as Cassie shed a tear over her neighbor, the episode faded to black and I was left stunned over what went down and anxious over where things go next.

An Adult Plot

Nick was clearly the most expendable member of the coven, as viewers only really knew him as the troubled soul who lost both his parents. The series simply didn't dedicate as much time to developing his character - and now we know why.

But killing off one of the young core six serves a purpose far beyond shock value.

First, it gave us new insight into Charles and Dawn. They may be after their former powers - via the creation of new crystals - but they are not after the kids. They truly want to keep them safe. Charles was an absolute mess after taking out Nick. Perhaps that's why they want to regain said powers. Perhaps there's an evil force on the way and they know they'll need to be at their strongest to protect their children against it.

And perhaps Charles wants to make the lie that he's dating Dawn into a reality. The guy is totally crushing.

Second, Nick's death drives home an important point to the remaining quintet: this is serious stuff! No more abuse of abilities, no more scheming to cast spells on your own, no more dissension all around (cough... cough... Faye... cough... cough...). You best team up for real and remain committed or who knows what will happen next.

Which brings me to my third point: What will happen next?!? Does this count as UN-binding the circle? Will that have repercussions if so? The group waited so long for Cassie to arrive and to be complete, but where does the death of a member fit into the grand idea of a bound circle? And how will each witch respond? Will they grow closer to each other, or attempt to distance themselves from what they now consider to be a dangerous, even deadly practice?

So many questions. Such a creepy, surprising episode. Two final points before I turn this review over to reader reaction:

  1. Very good to see Adam and Diana have their own, whipped-cream-filled fun. We've been told and shown from the outset that Cassie and Adam are meant for each other, but a love triangle is only interesting if all sides to it are believable. So it was a welcome few minutes to watch these two act like a pair truly in love... and in lust. Sorry, Cadam shippers.
  2. Also very good to see Cassie letting her grandmother in on the coven. We only could have taken so many silent dinners or lies about text messages before secret-keeping felt forced and stale.

But is grandma really in the dark over the mysterious, fatal event from 16 years ago? I say no. How about you?


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I think that they will still bring Nick back..I mean Britt/Cassie even said in one of her interviews that her connection with Nick will be developed much sooner than they expected. Also, in their Halloween episode, a pig-costumed guy will somewhat kidnap Melissa, and my guess is that, that person is Nick...just theories..unless they are not all together or connected the circle is not complete, so maybe they are saying that the circle will be broken because Nick won't be around with them but only hiding or somewhat in a far place looking for answers...again, it is just another guess...


When I was watching the episode and saw they killed Nick I was like OK they well bring him back to life whit Grams help like Diana's mom did whit the crystal, my surprise was when Fay say that the Police was going to cover it up and say it was other thing I was like WTF they have bring other characters back from the death and this was a MAIN. They have shown that its possible (bring someone from the death) if they have killed him on the Pilot I well be OK its a good opening. Now they say his big brother well come to the town? all of the circle are only child and I can believe that they have a brother from eny other character but Nick, come on his TEEN Father and Mother died so how could they have other child older than Nick they had the firs at 13? I am not seen a second season or a complete season 1 for what it maters...


wait. now ive read about chris zylka, i see how it is. he's gonna make a move on cassie and despite the fact that adam is with diana, adam's gonna feel it in his soul and other parts. And maybe he'll spurred to actions beyond licking whipped cream of the class president. this is not a triangle its a quaddierangle.


OMG. I was like WTF. And NO WAY! There goes my Cassick shipping went down the rabbit hole. If the producers is serious about killing one of the circle members, it should be DIANA! No, not that I hate Diana, in fact I love her so much. Just because she's been too kind and awesome. And imagine how her death will bring Cadam into the next level and Charles will be thrown into such a dilemma if it's her own daughter he has to kill! Diana is awesome but she's been unused for these past episodes. But RIP NICK! You're hot and you've been fun for when you're alive!


oh and i so totally think Charles is hot, he is the reason i even started watching this show, i completely fell in love with him after i watched "Queer as Folk" (loved that show!!!!)

Uncle jackass

@Michele, Did I see a Vicki flashback? Actually, it was actually a bit more shocking. There were of course clues to him being killed off. That said, it was a moronic to give him some us a sympathetic Nick who tried to do the right thing for Melisa in the previous episode and then poof... Who do you prefer Nick or Adam? I'm going to stereo-type: Nick was the better looking, Adam has a blank face most of the times, Diana always look like an Anna Kendrick personality, and Cassie reminds me a bit of Elena/Damsel in distress. Therefore, out of the two younger male cores, I preferred Nick. Is Nick coming back? I'm actually half hoping that bring another Male witch who has better cast chemistry with the girls. Both Paul and Ian from TVD are on a whole different class to the male cast of the secret circle (anyone going to contest that?). But if Nick is "revived" latter in the season I have no qualms in seeing that in a supernatural universe.

Amy jackey

it sucks that nick died now there is only 1 hot guy left and that is Adam. Adam doesn't look like hes gay. so what that he has eyeliner on.


R.I.P Nick


I am sad as well about Nick...but to be honest they never once said that he was dead...from everyone's reaction it just looks that way...but what if he is just in the hospital in a coma or something....Louis Hunter (Nick) is credited in next weeks episode so there is still hope! I love Nick and I really want him back!

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