The Secret Circle Round Table: "Masked"

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The Secret Circle was on fire last Thursday, literally! With the death of on side character, and the knocking out of another, there's plenty of material for our Round Table panelists to discuss from "Masked."

Join Matt Richenthal, Carla Day and Eric Hochberger now as they do exactly that...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Jake killing Calvin. No offense to the store owner and all, the guy seemed nice. But we needed to witness Jake's truly evil side in order to establish him at the antagonist he's meant to be.

Carla: Definitely when Cassie used her hidden power to save the circle from death and set Luke on fire. Is it possible that she had the crystal on her and used that to save them? Not sure where she would have hidden it in that costume, though.

Eric: The opening scene where they were exploring Calvin's store. Not because it featured a near-naked Faye wandering around as a sexy witch doctor, of course not. Ummm... because they discovered things about witch hunters and stuff.

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More surprising: Luke was a witch hunter, Cassie possesses dark magic or Jane would skip out on Halloween?
Matt: I didn't see the first two options coming, I grant you that. But who takes a road trip on Halloween?!? It's not safe for you or the young mummies wandering the streets, that's for sure. There's also a diminished chance that the person who are seeking will be home. What if Jane's friend was out trick or treating?

Carla: Cassie possessing - or potentially possessing - dark magic is an amazing development. This revelation was one of the most intriguing storylines on the show so far.

Eric: Cassie's dark magic. Wow, definitely the coolest development of the hour! Now I can finally get behind her witch hunter hunting. Say that three times fast.

Whose costume was your favorite?
Matt: Considering I didn't even recognize Diana at first, she takes this costumed cake. Impressive fake teeth.

Carla: I liked Cassie's "Killer Bee" costume. It fit well and was perky. She was adorable, yet a bit sexy, too.

Eric: Wow, I'm not sure if I can answer this one. I almost felt guilty seeing any of these girls in sexy Halloween costumes, especially the ridiculously young looking BB Gun. Oh, who am I kidding, as the resident sleaze of TV Fanatic, I'm giving it to Faye. No clue how Jake turned that down...

Are you on Team Calvin or Team Ethan? Should Cassie be told about her father?
Matt: Eh, sometimes it's better not to know about your family. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Carla: Cassie needs to be told the truth, but I'm not sure who should tell her. Wouldn't her grandmother know? Or was her father's dark magic a secret? Charles and Dawn needed Cassie to join the circle, but also seem to need her specifically to do something. I think we now know why she's so important to them: this dark magic.

Eric: As tough as it is to get behind Team Dead, Cassie should be told. I mean, have you seen the girl's investigative skills with the witch hunters?!? She'll just Bing it and figure it out on her own anyways. Hey, can we get Microsoft to sponsor these Round Tables and pay us for Bing jokes or what?


All jokes aside, I do like Jake and Cassie! Cassie and Adam are so forced; them being endgame is depressing to be frank. Jake is hurt from the death of his parents, and blames magic for it. He resents magic because the effect it had on his parents, and now brother. You can see why he would hate it; his hatred for magic is justified. So although I don't condone his trying to murder them, and I don't think he is that great a person, I think we should give him a more open mind seeing as in tv shows at least, bad characters do seem to turn good.


You just know Matt is TEAM CAKE! Their couple name is just awesome. Let's just ignore the fact that he's a raging serial killer, shall we?


Amazing round table and awesome episode!! :]


I thought Cassie's grandmother was going to visit the old guy that Dawn killed a few episodes back? I can't remember his name :( Also, I love J.R. Bourne--even when he smiles, he looks evil :)


Most surprising: Chance Harbor has had at least 8 deaths since Cassie came to town and nobody seems to notice or care - so where (and how) are they disposing of the bodies? It's not like TVD where the vampires have been killing people and hiding their corpses for the past sesqicentinnel (talk about a convenient skill for a character to have in order to keep a storyline moving). For non-vampires/werewolves, the capacity to kill, hide bodies, and feel nothing is widely considered sociopathic and is problematic in a character - thus the writer's decision to resurrect Sally. Had they not done so, Faye would be even more monstrous than she appeared to be in the pilot after trying to kill Cassie - twice. Best Costume: Diana, by far. The cinematic homage in each of the costumes was great, but hers was the very best of the best.

Strawberry fields

Jake grew on me a little bit this week. I thought he was not a bad guy material, but maybe he just needs some time. He looks promising now, he lies and kills without a blink, I like it. More suprising? From the little hints we had since the show started - about Cassie's dad not being a good guy and Cassie's gran saying she's more powerful that the others, I was kind of expecting something huge to be revealed about her. Luke on the other hand caught me completely off guard. Should Cassie be told about her dad? Yes. Nothing good ever comes from keeping someone in the dark. Favourite scene - Cassie saving the day with her newly discovered dark magic skills. Jake killing Calvin was awesome too. The best costume award goes to Killer Bee :)


1. Cassie using her newfound dark magic to save her friends. I usually roll my eyes and cringe at pretty blonde chicks screaming at the top of their lungs but this time it wasn't cliche at all.
2.Cassie's dark magic. I mean we all had to know there was some purpose for Luke...they showed him a bit too much,the only other non important character they've shown like that is the sweet black girl thatbefriended Cassie...I suppose there will be something to that too.
3.I thought the killer bee was cute. FOr the record despite detesting the buggers elsewhere they make for the cutest costumes. I seen half a dozen little bumbles.
4. Team Calvin. I loves me some Ethan (and lets be real he'll probably drop the news when hes' on another bender) but knowledge is power. In this case it's literal. She can't protect herself if she's left in the dark (pun not intended *g*)

Uncle jackass

... And here I was thinking that the writers were being clever by naming Cassie's Halloween costume after "Killer BB." Allusion to the 1986 movie "Deadly Friend" about Kristy Swanson being implanted by a robot named "BiBi" whose programming has a human killing machine alt ego. Perhaps an homage to Cassie's killer instincts from being the daughter of Blackwell?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Any scene with Cassie Blake in Killer Bee costume. So frickin sexy. More surprising: Luke was a witch hunter, Cassie possesses dark magic or Jane would skip out on Halloween?
Old woman skipping on Halloween isn't surprising. Cassie possess dark magic? Now that's just pure awesome! It succeeded in making me hooked with the show again. Whose costume was your favorite?
Uh, read my answer from Question 1. Are you on Team Calvin or Team Ethan? Should Cassie be told about her father?
Team Ethan! Oh wait, we're not choosing who's hotter I see. Erm, I think I'm with Calvin on this one then. Cassie needs to know what she's capable of. Oh well, she's bound to know soon though.


My favorite part was Cassie using the dark magic to kill Luke by catching him on fire but before that exploding the jar in his hand.

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