The Secret Circle Round Table: "Slither"

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An unexpected death highlighted the latest new episode of The Secret Circle, as questions abound from "Slither."

Do Matt Richenthal, Eric Hochberger and Jim Garner have the answers? Probably not. But, hey, they'll give it a try in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Gather around and express your own opinions now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Every shot of that demon slithering across Melissa's skin. That thing was creepier than the fact that Secret Circle features a meant-to-be high school girl in lingerie every week.

Eric: Charles and Dawn. One crystal. Two glasses of wine. And a whole lot of sexiness.

Jim: Grandma walking in and shutting down the demon. I suspected Grandma Blake was a witch, but who knew she was a powerful one?!?

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On a scale of 1-10, how surprised were you by Nick's death?
Matt: 13. My surprise was only topped by my excitement. Killing off a coven member within the first few episodes?!? How Vampire Diaries-esque! Will someone replace Nick in the Circle? Who might be the next to go? How soon will The CW update its cast photo so we can replace the Round Table logo above? So many questions!

Eric: 10. I know this is a show by the people who brought us The Vampire Diaries, but it just felt a little younger (despite both of them taking place in high school). So glad to see SC getting so dark (did you watch "Heather?!?"), so sexy, and so willing to shake things up. And this was only episode number-five.

Jim: 11. Two episodes ago, Dawn blood-marked a guy who was trying to kill anyone in the Circle so he could break it. According to that logic, the circle is now broken... Right?

Should Charles and Dawn date?
Matt: You should know my take on this sort of question by now: look at the possible couple nicknames. Dharles? Cawn? Yech. No way, neither work.

Eric: You mean for reals? Of course! I don't care if these two are part of the "older" generation. (Where, of course, older on the CW is barely much older than yours truly). They are one of the hottest couples on the show. Fake or real. It certainly helps that one-half of that tandem has forever been implanted in my brain since I saw Species as an impressionable 13-year old. Yeah, TV Fanatics. Age exposed. Twice, in one answer.

Jim: Wait, you mean they're not??? Someone needs to tell Dawn. When a guy visits you in person a lot and you have candle lit dinners, it's usually considered dating.

Does Grandma really not know about the events from 16 years ago?
Matt: I believe her. I'm not sure what grams would gain from lying to Cassie at this point. She's aware that her grandchild has discovered her powers, formed a coven, dealt with a demon, etc. I've gotta imagine, for Cassie's own protection, she'd come clean about everything she could.

Eric: Is Grandma not the most bad ass character on the show?!? Of course she does. But just like any other wise grandmother, she knows the only way to learn is on your own, no matter how many demons you awaken. My grandmother didn't sit down with me until after I raised like five. Seriously.

Jim: Nope she doesn't. I  also suspect that when Cassie's mother refused to tell Grandma Blake what happened, it created the rift that drove the wedge between the two of them. Cassie and Grandma are both looking for answers, just hide and watch!


10! Are we not forgetting Sally? Shes got something shes hiding.


I actually liked that Nick died. For a new show, it had too many key characters to get to know. Although I might have been more content if the victim was Melissa instead. Nick was a little bit more intresting, even if he did look like some boyband leftover from the 90's.


how did former coven member Mr Armstrong react being out of the scenes??


1. Favorite scene? Either Diana and Adam in bed - Diana is so hot - or Charles and Dawn on the boat. 2. Very surprised by Nick's death, 10. It made for an incredibly intense episode. I loved it. 3. Should Charles and Dawn date? I keep thinking yes! How can they not already be dating? Charles has to be the hottest single guy in Chance Harbor, and yet Dawn acts like he's not. If Charles and Dawn don't get together, I want to see Charles get together with SOMEONE. He's so hot, especially when he's being a total BAMF. 4. Does Grandma really know what happened? I think she knows more than she's told Cassie, but I don't think she knows it all.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I gotta say the banter between Faye and Adam over who's possessed. LOL. And the tension when the grandmother presents the stone to the circle. For a sec, I thought it's in Cassie! On a scale of 1-10, how surprised were you by Nick's death?
1000000. Nick is like the strongest male lead in the show and holds a lot of potential with everyone in the circle. But, the show must go on. R.I.P. Nick and Mick's bed scene! :( Should Charles and Dawn date?
Uh, yeah. Dawn is playing hard to get eh? It's cute to see them on the boat and Dawn asking "What's this?" and Charles said "Are you sure you don't want a drink?" Forget Cadam. More Chawn! (See, Matt, an awesome shipping name!) Does Grandma really not know about the events from 16 years ago?
Yes, totally. I guess Cassie's mom really shuts her off, just like the circle now try to keep everything a secret from their parents. But, I want more kick-ass grandma in the future. It's just something told me that grandma may not make it to the end of the season alive :(


Why ??? Why did they killed Nick ? I like him son much and I thinks this character had so much potentiel.


1.Fave Scene: The only thing topping Melissa's surprisingly good performance throughout the entire episode was one thing. Bad.Ass.Grandma. Cassie's grandmother was awesome. I loved that Cassie came clean with her so early on. It was just a great moment, seeing the eldest witch of the show do what she does. Loved it. 2.Nick's Death: 20. I didn't see it coming. Even after it happened I was still in denial. I was shell-shocked. I too was just still seeing this as a baby show, figured they wouldn't have the gall to pull off things of TVD level. Boy was I wrong. I only wished I had someone who watched this with me, because looking around an empty room and incredulously shrieking "Did you just see...did you just SEE that?" Made me feel a little off. I was shocked, horrified, a little tramatized, and intrigued. 3.Dawn and Charles: I'm with Jim, kinda thought they already were. It's weird and awkward and intense when they have their scenes. I'm intrigued and disturbed by both of them, but based on how Charles has had the badass, terrifying, villian sucked out of him...I kinda feel bad for the guy. How did he become so pathetic in the few episodes since the premiere? Anyways, premire Charles and Dawn would be a truly flammable couple. Pathetic lapdog Charles and Dawn, not so much. That version of Charles would deserve better, someone who isn't exploiting him. 4. Grandma knows more then she is admitting. I find it truly hard to believe that a woman of that caliber is clueless. She seems too perceptive for her own good, so she has to know a heck of a lot more then she said she did!

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