The Secret Circle Teaser: What's in the Suitcase?

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The Secret Circle went adult-free this week, giving each member of the coven a chance to stand out.

Glancing ahead to next Thursday, meanwhile, the older generation will be brought back into the intriguing picture.

On "Slither," Cassie will struggle with how much she should tell her grandmother, while Dawn joins Charles aboard his boat. Elsewhere, Melissa asks for Nick's help in tracking down her family's Book of Shadows. Watch the official trailer for the episode now and ask yourself the same questions as the circle will: What's in the suitcase?


aaahhhhhh im super scared and supre excited !!!!! the next episode is going to be sad and sort-of scaryyy hahahah lol love you guys


I'm liking this show every ep more... ^_^
PS_I don't think Adam+Cassie are banal cheesie, I think they've been portayed like that because *destined* & love at first sight...But surely nothing will be smooth like it could seem, in a magical spooky show like this...bring it on!
PS_Anna, I was thinking the same, it reminded me of a mix of Supernatural & Smallville as regarding the fantasy-thrilling side of TSC


I hope they dont drage the adam and cassie connection. I dont like dianna.


can't wait it looks like it could be the best episode of the season so far.


love the creepy skeleton key music they play... that '20's like music...
who's blood is on cassie's hand? gonna be interesting...


looking good!

Anna maria

it's more like supernatural than the vampire diaries now! haha, i love it!

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