The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 84

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It was Vampire Barbie versus Vampire Barbie for this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest. And the winner was...

... male fans everywhere! Along with "vampirebarbiefan." Appropriate name for this installment champion, huh? Read through the user's submission below and don't forget to come back and play next week.

We run this feature every Friday! Enjoy!

Blonde Battle

Caroline: You are so weird.
Rebekah: Bitch, please. I'm limited edition.

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Caroline: You better bring it on
Rebecca: Oh, it's already been brought


Caroline: You're a bitch!!
Rebekah (smiling): I know!!!!!!!


Rebekah: Wanna know how to kill a blonde?
Caroline: Really you're going to crack jokes after one of my teammates just died?
Rebekah: Put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of the school pool...
Caroline: Is there a point to this?
Rebekah: Not really I just thought you'd like to know stupidity killed your teammate not me.


Rebekah: You should be happy you're a vampire... No puppies!
Caroline: But I like puppies.


Samara: Hey Caroline! Since Emily Fields has too many secrets, what if we go out instead?
Caroline: Wrong show. Wrong line. Wrong everything.


Caroline: I'm the only blond in this town
Rebekah: Not anymore, sweetheart


Rebekah: So Caroline, which Salvatore takes your fancy?
Caroline: Tyler is my boyfriend! Or do you think he's like your little minion now?
Rebekah: I think Damon is more my type. Stefan is so last century. Tyler is my mini


Caroline: You killed a member of my squad?
Rebekah: I simply challenged her to a hold your breath competition in the pool.
Caroline: You don't need to breath, Rebekah.
Rebekah: I know that, Caroline. Someone probably should have told her, though.
Caroline: I'm really starting to hate you.
Rebekah: Sticks and stones, love. Now, about that opening on the squad?


Caroline: Is he still staring at us?
Rebekah: Yup.
Caroline: Do you think he's thinking what I'm thinking he's thinking?
Rebekah: What?
Caroline: Oh, for the love of God, Rebekah! Do you think Tyler is thinking about having a three-some with the two of us?
Rebekah: Oh, that. *looks over at Tyler* Definitely.


Rebekah: I know you're secret, Caroline.
Caroline: That I'm a vampire?
Rebekah: No, silly. I saw the poster of Edward Cullen in your locker.
Caroline: You can't tell Tyler, Rebekah.
Rebekah: Are you kidding me? The guy sparkles. How could I not tell Tyler.

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