The Vampire Diaries Clip & Spoiler: A Forwood Love Child?!?

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Forwood will soon be moving forward on The Vampire Diaries... but to what end?

Just as this couple is growing closer than ever - increased hormones due to one's supernatural status, as well as a torture-loving father, will help any tandem along - producer Julie Plec has a warning to fans:

"Something will go terribly wrong," she says of Tyler and Caroline. "They'll struggle this season."


Look for this relationship to take a turn on episode five... toward a baby?!?

"We've said two things on our show, very clearly," Plec teases. "Vampires can't procreate, and yet, vampires bodies work like anybody else's. So, I don't know. Door's open to take either rule."

That's nice and vague and intriguing. Check out the official promo now for this Thursday's "Disturbing Behavior" and then view the following clip, which focuses on Forwood:

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arwenkstar, I do agree with you. This show is on the same channel as Gossip Girl, and it would get a little old seeing the same type of thing happening in two shows on the same network. Yet another reason why I just don't see it happening. It just doesn't feel right. And, another valid point about the ratings. If they took the cue from Gossip Girl, they wouldn't, because it probablly would drop their ratings, especially since, like I said, it would be a little old seeing the same thing happening on two different shows...Very good points.


Natalia, no thanks, I'll just hate dumb bitches like you. Much better use of my time. =)


CHILL... Caroline CAN'T get pregnant. Julie said it herself: "Vampires can't procreate". That means that MALE VAMPIRE'S SPERM doesn't have the living DNA to make the baby possible and FEMALE VAMPIRES do not mestruate, since that's a cycle only present in living human beings. Maybe the part that works about vampire bodies is meant like VOMIT, and USING THE BATHROOM and GETTING SOME SLEEP. Easy. Maybe Caroline will THINK she is pregnant, but really she isn't. I mean, at least that's MY OPINION.


Oh TVD, please don't pull a stupid gossip girl and cheapen this story by bringing children into it. It's hard enough to watch gossip girl go downhill with the pregnancy storyline, but TVD? That would just ruin the rest of the season! What's so great about these people is that THEY HAVE NOTHING HOLDING THEM BACK! They are at the start of their lives DO NOT force parenthood on them so quickly.


Hey "blairchick" nobody cares what U think about anything so go hate yourself. Thanks!!!


I don't get why everyone's saying 'don't make it too Twilight". Okay, I think theyve made it VERY clear that this is NOT Twilight. Just because they write in ONE little thing that happened in the Twilight series does NOT make it 'like Twilight". So get over yourselves, you stupid Twilight-haters. Noone cares. I'm not sure how I feel about a baby. I just don't see it between them. You can totally tell the Tyler has MAJOR feelings for Caroline, and vice versa....but just doesnt feel right. Who knows, it's a toss up for me.


firstly i'd like to say, taylor and caroline would make a very hot, awesome baby but aren't these people like children themselves?
No thanks.


NO please dont bring in babies on this show ! i hope this will never happen


WHAT?! vamps can't get pregnant and PLEASE do not turn this into a twilight movie! i'm loving forward just the way they are.


Caroline CAN'T have a baby. Vampires CAN'T procreate. I don't know if werewolves can but vampires can't. Oh and Klaus was born BEFORE his familly's (and his) transforation into vampires.

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