The Vampire Diaries Episode Teaser: High on Human Blood...

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Welcome to bizarro Mystic Falls.

As was made clear near the end of last night's incredible episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Damon have essentially switched roles now, with the former lacking any humanity and the latter vowing to protect Elena at all costs. How will Elena deal with the dark side of her ex-boyfriend? Who is now "high on human blood," as Damon states below?

The following promo for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" gives fans some idea.

Elsewhere, look for everyone to start school again next Thursday night, while a new student makes his presence felt in Alaric's history class. Matt will also ask Bonnie for assistance.

Is the show teasing a future relationship between these two? And if so, would you go to Batt for them?

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Omg! I like stelena but for some reason ever since the fIrst episode I have loooved delena! There is more depth and character there! Way more true love and soul mate stuff! Please just MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Here How I'm seeing this show.
Now that Stefan has been compelled to be bad, There's no way of bringing him back(except Klaus returns and undo compulsion, Klaus or is killed)
Which makes him our Villain. And in the end, either Stefan will be killed and no one will even miss him or mourn him,
or compulsion wears off, and he feels his evil doings and decide to go far away. Leaving Damon as the GLORY GLORY HERO.
I just don't get it
Damon was just a selfish, cocky, murderous dick head all the time before,
he somehow reformed, and done good, and all of sudden, All the killings the pain and mess he caused in the past is forgotten,
While now,we all know how Stefan did turn bad, and suddenly everyone forgot the true hero he was, all the sacrifice pain and torture he took for the safety of his brother and Elena. Damon and Elena turn their back on him like he's just nothing, and selfishly going to their Delena bla bla thing.


fuck delena I want DALARIC


wat damon is suppose to do right nw is to hold back any feelings he hv 4 elena 4 stefan's sake nd considering wat he's done to him,if stefan can sacrifise everytin including elena 4 damon i see no reason why damon can't hold back his feelings no matter hw much he luv her,he should trxt nd be loyal nd grateful to stef,al wat stef wants was to make damon happy nd even if he cant make him happy he wants to keep him alive but damon is stil tryn to make it an eternity of misery 4 him even by stealing his girl,nd earlier on season 2 he said he don't deserve her it was stefan that does bt he's still pushing his self over her nd doing tins dat wil make her fal 4 him,bt i knw 4 a brother like stef he wil sacrifise a thousands of elena 4 damon,damon can never hav a better brother a person than stefan.


i want delena! go team delena. some smoochie and huggies between these too would be awesome ESP with stefan watching, that would make him pretty angry and it will get wayyy more interesting! lol


I love jer and bonnie together they sizzle.I hope the writers don't break them up.......and elena come on so stefan fought klaus's compulsion with all his might and sacrificed everything for her to be alive and now he's been swithched on she gave up on him ugh really?Though I'm loving stefan's chracter depth.


If the writers are starting to bring back Anna to Jeremy's mind, teasing a new relationship for the left-out Bonnie seems very likely. It's nice to hear Matty get some action again, especially after his character has become more or less... superfluous. Not to the customers at the grill, obviously. No matter what you say (how much you're against Delena, how much you loved Stelena), the twist in the story is an interesting one.
Looking forward to any kind of development on the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle. As for Alaric... Poor him. First it's "Ric", now it's the Ripper himself... He just can't seem to find any peace, huh...?


sick of Delena! all i care about now is a supper baddie Stefan!! he's super hot!! what a stud muffin of Mystic Fall!!


Kinda want Bonnie to start liking Matt but Matt still love Caroline which makes tyler incredibly jealous even though caroline loves tyler not matt. (hope that made sense) Matt and Tyler will fight (tyler winning because he is a vamp/wolf) Caroline will tell Matt that she loves him but loves tyler more Matt will than turn to Bonnie she will swoop in and they will hookup (meaning bonnie cheats on Jeremy)


BAMON PLEASEEEEEEE. Bonnie and Damon are so damned sexy. I really really want them together.

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