The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Joseph Morgan Teases the Return of Klaus

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When Vampire Diaries fans last saw Klaus, he was booking it out of Mystic Falls at the mere mention of Mikael, Elena's blood bag in hand, destination unknown.

In an exclusive interview today, Joseph Morgan delivered some bad news: we won't see Klaus again on this Thursday's "Ghost World." But the actor followed that disappointing scoop up with this exciting one: viewers are in for Klaus aplenty on episodes eight and nine!

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"Episode eight will really change the game," Morgan told me of the installment titled "Ordinary People." "We'll learn more about the Mikael/Klaus relationship, see where Klaus' fear springs from and why it's so justified."

We'll also go back in time again; way, way back. Morgan couldn't offer much detail, but he did verify that another member of the Original family will be introduced via an upcoming flashback.

Look for this glimpse into Klaus' past to reveal even more about the character, whose humanity has leaked out little by little over the course of season three. Morgan describes his ancient blood sucker as "incredibly dysfunctional."

"Deep down he just wants to be loved. Friendship and family have been lacking for him the last 1,000 years."

Hence why it took him so long to compel Stefan.

"It was really important to Klaus that Stefan come around on his own, through his own free will. He really wanted to believe they could be friends like they were in the 1920s."

But there was the slight problem of Stefan's love for Elena, of course, as well as the fact that Morgan admits his vampire doesn't really understand the concept of friendship. He says Klaus has always tried to control those close to him "through fear." Look where that has gotten him.

For Morgan, conversely, his take on Klaus as a frightening figure - quiet, playful, serene - has landed him a huge fan base. A relative unknown in America prior to landing this role, he's grown into a fan favorite by combining the writers' vision for his character with his own belief that the scariest thing "isn't when someone is shouting at you."

Take the opening scene of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, he says, citing Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz's work as Col. Hans Landa.

"The threat is that much more real because it means nothing to him. You know he'll just kill you and not think twice about it. I wanted to play on that sociopathic side."

And play it incredibly well he has. Klaus will next show up on November 3, while a new Vampire Diaries episode airs this Thursday.

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hi , the only reason that i see TVD is Klaus , so if he died(Iwont hope) i never see TVD !


Antoinette 25 becom now vampire on friends on nick


I can't wait to learn more about Klaus' past and his relationship with Mikael.


Hey Katie, umm yeah chubby gals like yourself do frighten me. You do realize this is a show and Ian is just playing a character on TV? Your never going to date Damon or Ian. LOL


I like how everyone is pumped for Klaus' return even though he will only be gone for 2 episodes! It's funny.


Hey Sharon, I'm 22 and a Damon fan. Am I frightening you? Ooh pickles am I to old to watch the show, or just comment on it also? Please, I need approval so badly. There are probably more Damon or Delena fans then everyone else.combined, statistically there is bound to be a larger percentage of off the rocker.


Klaus is ok for me,a little ovrhyped is right. He's been gone for what one episode? Oh and I LUV Damon this season, its called character growth. He is a vampire, never all good or bad. He doesn't sugar coat and I can physically see him trying to control himself around Elena. SHE is the one getting jealous. Maybe she is over his brother, Damon and Elena might be having sex right now if it weren't for HIM. Did you see her f*ck me eyes last episode? Girls falling HARD


Not funny!are they basically telling us dat klaus just want to hv frnds nd family,he wants to be loved,does dt excuse al d shits he pulled,or r they telling us dt none of his family members like him coz he was the bastard child,bt lets nt 4get dt elijah said he loved klaus,he even helped him to fake the sun nd the moon curse.Anyway lets wait nd see,hp the flashblacks is worth waiting for.


He's back!! it's awesome!! can't wait to see him stir up the whole town with his cruel conspiracy!! Yay!


"Teases the return of Klaus"?
Really? Like he's been gone for a whole year or something? One episode people. He's not the main character on this show.
Honestly, sometimes I feel like Klaus is so overhyped.

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