The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Joseph Morgan Teases the Return of Klaus

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When Vampire Diaries fans last saw Klaus, he was booking it out of Mystic Falls at the mere mention of Mikael, Elena's blood bag in hand, destination unknown.

In an exclusive interview today, Joseph Morgan delivered some bad news: we won't see Klaus again on this Thursday's "Ghost World." But the actor followed that disappointing scoop up with this exciting one: viewers are in for Klaus aplenty on episodes eight and nine!

Photo of Klaus

"Episode eight will really change the game," Morgan told me of the installment titled "Ordinary People." "We'll learn more about the Mikael/Klaus relationship, see where Klaus' fear springs from and why it's so justified."

We'll also go back in time again; way, way back. Morgan couldn't offer much detail, but he did verify that another member of the Original family will be introduced via an upcoming flashback.

Look for this glimpse into Klaus' past to reveal even more about the character, whose humanity has leaked out little by little over the course of season three. Morgan describes his ancient blood sucker as "incredibly dysfunctional."

"Deep down he just wants to be loved. Friendship and family have been lacking for him the last 1,000 years."

Hence why it took him so long to compel Stefan.

"It was really important to Klaus that Stefan come around on his own, through his own free will. He really wanted to believe they could be friends like they were in the 1920s."

But there was the slight problem of Stefan's love for Elena, of course, as well as the fact that Morgan admits his vampire doesn't really understand the concept of friendship. He says Klaus has always tried to control those close to him "through fear." Look where that has gotten him.

For Morgan, conversely, his take on Klaus as a frightening figure - quiet, playful, serene - has landed him a huge fan base. A relative unknown in America prior to landing this role, he's grown into a fan favorite by combining the writers' vision for his character with his own belief that the scariest thing "isn't when someone is shouting at you."

Take the opening scene of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, he says, citing Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz's work as Col. Hans Landa.

"The threat is that much more real because it means nothing to him. You know he'll just kill you and not think twice about it. I wanted to play on that sociopathic side."

And play it incredibly well he has. Klaus will next show up on November 3, while a new Vampire Diaries episode airs this Thursday.

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I still can remember when they were doing the casting call for Klaus and even I was nervous for whomever got the part. That's because there was such a massive buildup prior to Klaus' introduction that, based solely on reputation, the persona took a character of its own off-screen. No other character had to deal with that burden and so my props go to JM for stepping up to the challenge. I think Klaus still suffers a bit from the overhype, but JM has worked tremendously well with what's been handed to him. Elijah and Mikael could receive that instant 'shock factor' because the audience knew practically nothing about them and had no expectations prior to them being shown on screen. As for further character development, I do hope they explore the grey zone with him but not go so far as to give Klaus a halo and wings. Please don't turn him into a goody-goody do-gooder! I'd love to know more about his backstory, his complexities, and the justification of his actions in his own mind. No, I don't have to end up wanting to hug him, but I think it's important to uncover that human side to him and to get to know aspects of his personality that we can relate to. I definitely want to see him emerge a multidimensional character, regardless of whose side he's on.


@Morgan, you must be one of those older ones from that certain site who is a little to obsessed with the show. Umm, crazy thought there might be more then 1 Sharon. Some of the older Damon fans are a little frightening.


I love Klaus he brings to the show some spice it was getting boring how in S2 it was all about saving Elena's butt but now seems different now Elena is getting stronger I like that I hope we see Klaus also for a real long time i will cry a river when he finally dies if he does please dont he is one of my fav characters now next to Damon :D I LOVE KLAUS


I agree with Annie fully. @Sharon: you claim Damon used to be your fav. Hmm looking at your previous comments....that was never the case. You whined like a child a few days ago to put stelena back together and happy right now or you would stop watching. Sounds like somebody is lying. ;)


I think the show is lack of true evil, so let Klaus be evil, don't make him into a guy just want friends and families. God the guy wiped out his own entire family for basically no reason, now he wants a family again, that doesn't even make sense.


Eh, Klaus is a great villain, but I'm not in love with him. Y favorite new character last year by far was Elijah. Personally, I want him as a regular as well. He's intriguing and relatable. You can't help but love him.
And as for everyone saying Damon is blah now, I have to disagree. He's the wildcard. Besides the fact that he loves Elena, you can almost never predict what he'll do. And after all he went through in the past 2 seasons, he's kind of a tragic character. None of the women he loves (loved) want him, they want his brother, no matter what he does. I just can't help loving him and wanting him to get the girl - just once. He's fiercely loyal to those he loves - and he's perfect because he ISN'T perfect.


At the end of season two, when Damon had the wolf bite, I was all "well, they can't kill him off, or I'll never watch vamp d again." Now, I actually wouldn't mind. At this point, the only character I'm interested in at all is Klaus - the ultimate scene stealer. ...Series stealer... It's just so epically refreshing to have a storyline outside of the typical "Let's all die for Elena." He's the best semi-evil semi-good hero since Cole from Charmed. I don't even mind if he's goes good for a while as long as he does it stylish.

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