The Vampire Diaries Review: Mystic Falls Apart

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Almost every plot was thickened on The Vampire Diaries this week.

More than any episode in memory, "Disturbing Behavior" gave each vital character a chance to shine. Or connive. Or ponder her feelings for her blood-thirsty boyfriend's brother. Or temporarily murder his best friend in town because everyone was getting on his nerves.

Oh yes, Stefan is about to re-enter a Mystic Falls with a whole lot going on. Let's run it all down, shall we?

Delena Argument

In Katherine, we... trust? Is that even the proper question to be asking these days, whether or not we trust Katherine? As we debated at length in last week's Vampire Diaries Round Table, it's impossible to keep track of this Nina Dobrev-portrayed character these days. What has she been up to? Why was in Chicago? What plot is she hatching this time around? Will it come together in a more sensible manner than her season two storyline?

There's still a fear that Katherine is being used more as a plot device than anything - appearing when convenient to shake things up and move characters around - but now that she's an integral part of ongoing arcs again? I'll believe, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. You must have a coherent plan in mind. Don't let me down.

I'm just a girl, looking for a partner in crime. Katherine, dear, you are so much more than that.

Crossing a Caro-line. First off, how freaking awesome has Caroline become?!? Painted as little more than a bubbly blonde when human, her confidence and swagger has grown every week as a blood sucker. She's still super sweet (see scenes with Tyler, and then worry about what might happen if these two have a baby...), but she can also get angry and, forget The Hulk, you do not want to see Caroline when she's angry.

Damon discovered that fact this week via a scene that still has me cheering. What fun it was to see Caroline go after this Salvatore, partly due to her reasoning: yes, Bill Forbes tortured his daughter - but she's still his daughter. There's still love there. She still bought him that expensive shirt. Bravo to The Vampire Diaries for creating a complicated, layered relationship between parent and sibling here, although I must disagree with Bill's final assessment: Caroline and her new attitude will be just fine.

Bil Forbes

Poor Anna. That's almost all I have to say about this storyline. It was heartbreaking to watch her cry and utter about how she's "all alone" when Jeremy told Bonnie about his little ghosts-of-ex-girlfriends-past problem. Still, I doubt forcing me to admit that I teared up over a dead vampire is the sole purpose for this development.

Anna feels a "darkness" when Vicki is around? And when Bonnie tried to summon a necklace-related spell? What the...?!? I typically enjoy trying to make predictions, but I'm at a loss on this one. I can't imagine what ghost Vicki is up to. Guess I'll be forced to keep tuning in every week to find out. Oh well. That's a tad bit less painful than what Gloria did to Stefan. Speaking of which...

Silly Stefan. He may wanna leave all future scheming up to the other Salvatore sibling. Stefan was a bit too trusting of Gloria and Rebekah here, not taking enough time to feel them out and see if he really could hint that he isn't on board with Klaus' master plan. Granted, Elena was in trouble and it's hard to think rationally when trying to save your one true love, which was another development from the episode:

Yes, that would be Elena, not Rebekah. Stefan's memory is intact and he is still putting Elena above all else. Romantic? Absolutely. Dangerous to both? Clearly. Impressive, considering how Claire Holt looked in this dress? Yes, very.

Councilman Alaric. I love it as much as I still hate how everyone has shortened his name to "Ric." The guy has a ready-made tagline already if he ever needs to campaign (A Man for the People. Literally!) and a perfectly understandable reason for joining the Council: his girlfriend was killed by a vampire, his wife was obsessed by vampires, his BFF of a vampire has a tendency to briefly murder him... can you blame Alaric for realizing that someone in Mystic Falls has to look out for its actual citizens?

Those citizens will be in even more danger next week, although the official preview for "The Reckoning" makes it clear that only one of them will truly be threatened by Klaus and Stefan.

All around, a fantastic episode of The Vampire Diaries that included almost every character and left me with just four questions:

  1. Where the heck was Matt while everything was happening? Must have been a busy day at The Grill.
  2. Why doesn't Klaus just compel Stefan in order to learn his true intentions?
  3. What kind of boring name is Michael for a vampire hunter than even leaves Klaus quaking?
  4. Bill must be the first person to ever refer to Damon's technique as "lazy," right? I don't recall any women complaining.


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OMG, poor Stefan, I felt so bad for him when the witch was torturing him. He is trying so hard to protect his love and doing everything he can, while Elena is giving up on him. It's so sad that she doesn't get that he's doing everything for her and it would be totally not believable if she gives up on him already. Stefan told her to stay away, as Klaus is really close in finding out that she’s still alive and what Elena gets out of that is “oh, I spent all summer looking for someone that didn’t want to be found.� PLEASE.
What disturbed me in the previews for next week is that Stefan had to feed on Elena? What? He better have been compelled to do so, otherwise that would not be believable at all, after everything he’s trying to do for her.
Damon is an ass and deserves nobody after killing Alaric and acting the way he did. Hopefully, Elena finally realizes what an ass Damon is and how she would be completely stupid to even think for a second that he could ever change.


The show was back on the beam after the first off-episode of the series last week. Lots of good stage-setting for at least the next few episodes. And it was great to see the McQueen/Jow chemistry in action again. Hopefully Anna won't be dispatched for good when this storyline concludes in a few episodes.


Oh dear god, I wanted to punch Damon in the face this episode. He's become so unbearable lately. I really dislike his character now and I doubt there's anything that'll change that. I'm ecstatic to have Bonnie back, but when you compare the scene with Jeremy and Anna in the bedroom to the Beremy reunion scene, I seriously have to wonder why Bonnie and Jeremy are even together. They have absolutely no chemistry and I wish they'd just break up already. Caroline and Katherine pretty much made this episode for me, followed closely behind by Bonnie and Stefan. I swear, these four (and Forwood) are the only reason I still watch TVD. What kind of boring name is Michael for a vampire hunter than even leaves Klaus quaking?
I actually like this name for a vampire hunter. Maybe I've been watching way too much Supernatural but I can't help but find Michael a rather badass name.


maybe klaus is gay and his secretly in-love with Edward opps i mean Stefan!


>Why doesn't Klaus just compel Stefan in order to learn his true intentions?
I was asking that myself, too. Maybe he wanted some excitement and compelling would've been too easy?!?! >What kind of boring name is Michael for a vampire hunter than even leaves Klaus quaking?
What the hell is KLAUS for a boring name?! Last season made me roaring with laughter everytime someone mentioned that name ^_^ (Still love the character, though, but who can take that name seriously?)


Another one bites the dust. (Gloria)
I mean, come on! By season 4, witches should be extinct! Gloria was actually the best part of the episode, with her creepy slow "voodoo" on Stefan. She was badass, knew her stuff, and then, Bam! Death! I knew it was coming, but still! Come on! I'm almost ready to join Bonnie in her hatred of vampires. They have no regard for human life and even less for witches. At this rate I don't even understand why there's not a vampire vs witch war brewing up. Do they get paid to help these vampires? Do they have hefty life insurance plans that leave their families covered to the extent that they don't actually mind dying? Can they not equate "vampires" with "my impending death"? It's like genocide or something... Bonnie's grandmom, Maddox and Greta, Greta's dad and Luca, Bree...Six people do not a genocide make, but these witches have to start opening their eyes. I've yet to see a witch actually kill a vampire!

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