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This was the best episode ever! And by the look of it, it's just getting better and better. Damon and Katherine on the road with Jeremy back in the trunk, weird, and ok. Nothing to die for actually. All the action was happening in the Mystic Falls High school gym. I kind of thought it was a bit dull the thing between Elena trying to reason with Stefan not to kill her and Stefan being so angry.. Come on Stefan lighten up. What they should have done was, the second Klaus left those two alone was smosh a bit. It wouldn't hurt right? Stefan could hold off the urge to kill her for two seconds. But yes, it was a bit strange to leave Tyler behind, and that Tyler didn't think that much of what just happened. Dude.. You just died woke up, drank one of your friends blood and became a hybrid. Shouldn't you I don't know.. Have a couple of questions, ask maybe if Caroline was ok? But I think maybe that Klaus left so quickly was because of Damon. Not Damon, but Damons leverage; Michael. Damon did mention Michael to Klaus. So.. (FTR: I'm pretty excited that Sebastian Roche also known as Balthazar in Supernatural is playing Michael, the hampire. This will be good). All in all, best episode so far, and by the looks of the promo for the next episode, thinks will be more and more darker, sketchier then ever.


Best Episode of this Season


I have a doubtful thing on my mind. Did Tyler became a Hybrid or was I being creepy thinking about that?

I'm freaking excited on Michael's "whats-gonna-do-with-Klaus".


If we are ignoring credence to whomever started this (Buffy/Spike analogy) I've always thought that Damon embodies an amalgamation of Disney Characters. Most certainly the Quasimodo / Esmeralda dynamic (a bit of Beauty and the Beast as well).


I guess Damon can have somebody to love if he stops falling for his brothers' GF's,Rose prefered the "bad boy" so she and Damon clicked but then she died.I think the question is why is Damon always falls for stafan's GF's.But whatever my favorites are stefan and elijah and rebekah is starting to grow on me.


GA Viewer, as Uncle Jackass already displayed, there is nothing wrong with the age of the characters on the show. In some places, Americans born in the summer months can delay going to school by a year, and those born afterwards, can be forced to wait a year before attending school. Elena is in this sort of situation, and for convenience sakes, I think most of the main cast (Elena, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt) have their birthdays on or after June 1, so that there were no significant age gaps between them. The writers of the show most likely did not want to send the characters to college until later, which is why all thier birthdays are in the second half of the year.


What's wrong with the research on this show? All these kids are supposedly 18, which means they are not seniors in high school - they have graduated. Kids who aren't 'slow' graduate from 12th grade when they are 18.


I really loved the episode!! I know that some people favor Stefan, while others are rooting for Damon, but I see things in a different perspective. Nobody ever CHOOSES Damon. He never gets the chance to feel like the girl he loves feels the same way about him. He deserves that chance. In season two both Katherine AND Elena told him that it would always be Stefan. Truthfully he only wants somebody to love, in my opinion.


Loved this episode, felt so bad for Stefan, he tried so hard not to hurt Elena. I think Michael is the one who made the originals into vampires. Elijah said his family was human once, so someone had to have turned them, so when he found out that Klaus was part werewolf, he was the one who put the curse on him. I believe he is much more than just another vampire, maybe a fallen angel?


@Rose I totally agree with you about the biased is this review. I am a huge Stefan and Elena fan but I like Damon too and I do agree that everyone is so quick to forget how much of a dick Damon was in the begining but now that he is in love with Elena we are all suppose to swoon over him and completely write off Stefan? WTF? I don't care what Stefan does it is not worse than anything Damon has done although it does look like Stefan was a worse vampire then Damon was in his day. Still Stefan does love Elena and the only reason he is acting the was he is is because he is under Klauses compulsion. I don't know what they are going to do to make things good between Elena and Stefan again but I hope they do get it back to the way it should be in my opinion and that is Stefan and Elena together! Also I just have to say I'm in love with Matt I think he is totally unappriciated on this show and I was glad to see him have a storyline all his own this week. I wish it wasn't with Vicki because I wasn't a fan of hers but I did love the dynamic between him and Bonnie. Very interesting to see those two bond is there something more to come I wonder??

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