The Vampire Diaries Review: Best. Prank. Night. Ever.

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Paging, Bonnie! Stat! After sitting slack-jawed and bug-eyed through the "The Reckoning," one thing is for certain: Matt was not the only one in need of CPR tonight.

What an incredible episode of The Vampire Diaries. Consider, Klaus apprehended Elena, compelled Stefan and snapped Tyler's neck; while Matt drowned himself, Katherine kidnapped Jeremy and the rising seniors took some serious TP to the school hallways.

And all that happened in the first 30 minutes.

Got Her Finally!

Were there a few plot holes? Yes. Let's get them out of the way now: Klaus created the hybrid he's been dreaming about for decades... and then just left him? Klaus discovered the key to building his own army of these creatures was Elena's blood... and then just left her? (Under newly non-human Stefan's creepy protection, I know. But still. Seems hard to believe Klaus would let the doppleganger out of his sight again.)

Moreover, despite all the action packed into the hour, the key points were all expository. They were just laid out to us. We were simply told that Klaus figured out the Original Witch lied to him; and it seemed awfully convenient that Pearl told Katherine that she knew about the vampire/vampire hunter... who told Anna... who told Jeremy via the great ghost beyond.

That's a lot of seemingly random telling and not a lot of showing or coherence.

But, man, when an episode takes you on that kind of ride, it's silly to pick at too many nits. Did any character's life not change tonight?!?

I'm still smiling over Damon and Stefan's role reversal, right down to the latter's drink-pouring and snarky one-liners. Oh, please, continue, Delena. Don't mind me and my utter lack of humanity hovering around the mansion. Creepy. Cool. Funny. Awesome.

I've also complained in the past about how VD was dragging out the longing looks between Damon and Elena, teasing a relationship that would never take place just because it knows how to get fans clamoring - but Damon's actions here spoke a lot louder than even his most heartfelt words ("I promise you. I will never leave you again."). The guy came back for her. He took on the oldest Original of them all for her. Bryan Adams really said it best: everything Damon does, he does it for Elena.

I actually believe there's a chance for these two now, and I'm actually rooting for one. Sorry, Stefan. I know you couldn't control it, but it's hard to maintain a relationship after killing two innocent students in front of your girlfriend in the high school gym, only to later drink the blood from her neck. It's almost never happened.

Forwood Photo

Elsewhere, it's great that Tyler is all happy and powerful and all, but, ummmm... Klaus just turned you into a hybrid, dude. Yes, you have a gorgeous, fun girl on your arm and, absolutely, senior year of high school is a blast, but you might wanna contemplate your next move against Klaus more than your next move with Caroline in bed.

As for Matt, I had completely forgotten he ever dated Elena. That feels like decades ago. Was I happy he got to see Vicki again? Sure. But when you compare his storyline to attacks from Klaus and stolen necklaces by Katherine and the resuscitation of Michael from his chained-up slumber... it's hard to be overly interested. Gotta admire the dedication to communicating with his sibling, though. I love my sister, but it's unclear if I'd risk suicide just to chat with her apparition.

Questions from the episode:

  • So Michael is a vampire and a vampire hunter (Vunter? Hampire? Hampire it is.). But what makes him so scary to Klaus? Wouldn't an Original still be stronger than any other vampire?
  • Unless Michael is also an Original?
  • Which was a more tense 20 minutes on the hardwood: the clock ticking down to Elena's death, or the second half of the Duke/Butler National Championship Game?
  • Super glue on Alaric's desk, Elena? Really? The best prank for this teacher would be to replace his name plate with one that reads "Ric."
  • Take away her thirst for blood and her lack of care over the human condition and Rebekah is pretty awesome, isn't she? Tyler is dead... ish. Loved it.
  • Is anyone else's heart still racing?
  • Can you handle a look at next week's episode? HERE IT IS.


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I loved this episode, but I also thing that there was one scene lacking. I mean, they should simply add one scene with Anna checking if Jeremy's alright. The producers are to blame for not developing this couple. I think that would be great to see Bonnie's struggling with her boyfriend ghostfillia ;] TEAM ANNA! Who agrees with me? :D


OMFG!! Best episode ever!! TVD never fails to deliver!! Jaw dropping episode! Great job,well done..


OMG, this episode was soooo sad. I felt so bad for Stefan when he was trying so hard to fight the compelling and did so good for a while. Even Klaus was schocked he could do that. I cannot believe Elena will give up on Stefan just like that, because he was compelled to turn it all off and feed on her. That's such BS. How about you try to figure out how to kill Klaus and join Katherine, so Stefan's compulsion can go away and you can be with Stefan forever! That's what would make a great show! Michael needs to hurry up and go kill Klaus, so Elena can stop playing pretend with Damon, who is the person that killed her brother at one point by the way, in case anyone has forgotten. I think it's good that Stefan is around now, so maybe Elena will feel ashamed of turning her back on her true love instead of trying to save him.
And yes, I agree that it was not belieavable at all that Klaus after all this time of trying to turn hybrids finally did and then left Tyler and Elena there and ran off.


like the best vampires show eva on tv right now! da espisode yah shaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt! talk about intense n eye grapping!






i didnt ask anything about magic, i want to know about michael, i realised his last name is pickett, do we know any one who has picket in the flashback. and there was no magic in this episode it was all cpr. it was a great episode with lots of scenes. I wonder why caroline was upset, after she huged tyler ?, this shit is going down, i need answers now ! who the hell michel picket.................... STELANA FOREVER ! delana sucks. and TYLINE

Julie schmidt

So Tyler should be able to turn at will, or not turn right? But since he isn't an original, he should need a daylight ring, correct? Maybe if his blood won't cure werewolf bites, they could trade pints of Elena's for Pints of Klaus's.

Julie schmidt

So the good news is Tyler doesn't have to turn anymore. As for the rest, WOW.


WOW. That was a great episode. Fave line: Consider me jealous! BOOM! Klaus is growing on me. Wished Michael was young and cute.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Damon: Stop being cute.
Katherine: I can't help it.

Bonnie: Where are you going?
Elena: To super glue Alaric's desk shut. I'm making memories.