The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Tick-Tock...

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Are we nearing the end of Elena?

Probably not, but the official CW preview for next week's "The Reckoning" doesn't exactly foretell a bright future for this Vampire Diaries heroine. Watch now, as Stefan is seemingly forced to race against the click before feeding on the love of his life. That's a tough spot for any guy to be in...

Elsewhere on the upcoming episode, look for Senior Prank Night to go horribly wrong, and for Damon to learn about Jeremy's ghostly visitors.

As for the latest action-packed installment? Read my review of Caroline's anger, Alaric's new position and Katherine's mysterious involvement NOW.

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That's one way to look at Stefan. I love delena, but there was a lack of chemistry between stelena (just to me imo). it mirrors the same way in the books and is not just the writers changing things because of the real life couple. Like how I read them, but to each his own. Now i feel more for Elena, and for Stefan to an extent. I can relate better to both. I mean we were given their love story in what is about a year. we saw them connect, then it kind of meh for a bit. Sure I am loving my delena growth too, but I also think that the hurdles in stelena's love will empower them. I may not like it per season 1-2, but this will make it equal to me, and make me feel for them. Elena always struggles with Damon...not so much the same ways with Stefan. later, Damon will get better and better but he will always be Damon to a degree. he is not ever the one to strive for perfection like Stefan seems to-as in being overly good. and Stefan will always be Stefan in the same way. so who would be the better brother...the one that's got a dark streak and addictions or the bad boy who is trying to reclaim who he once was but always falls kinda short? one loves openly respectfully and one loves passionately to the end.Both are sweet, both are evil, and both touch part of her that she will have to contend with. I think it helps open her eyes...being attracted to Damon, because she can then forgive Stefan with better understanding. I mean if she did it for Damon-even if he was always like that-then she can reclaim that in Stefan because of her love. Sure it takes time, but you will be on the edge of your seat when they make their way back. I don't think I'll be sad as long as she is fully loving both by then. That's why I loved the books. the struggle was always between what the boys each meant to her and the diff ways they loved her and saw love. It was just too bad they were related...and taboo for teen books back in the day. its great Stefan is evil. I can now relate to him, his suffering, and his human like quality of addiction/killing blood ect. I loved how he always tried to be better, to strive harder on his own. Elena opens him up to accept himself and live. Damon did it because he could only be reached by someone who was his equal and brick wall and could break his mask.but then we know he isn't really evil just hurt. Elena never wanted him to be stefan but he gave her a flare and pushed her further showing her how capable she was. I think Kat and Stefan are really great chemistry wise on tv. The love of stelena was just quicker, which also mirrors the book. We get this all out Id die for you love, and the slow build of delena. Damon always made Elena wonder, just as Stefan always gave into her. The show Elena is a much softer weaker character atm. They have to make her a way that people can relate. many qualities are there that are the same. the determination to relentlessly see the good in people, to go after that ideal, and to protect those she loves. Every show changes the love interests. I can see people not wanting to watch it or it not making sense. But the show is great and I wouldn't down the creators for it. besides once Stefan tries to reclaim his love, his life, and change to good...thats always a good time to tune back in. Personally it would make them stronger in my opinion and I don't much like the pairing as much. This gives Stefan a humanity more than the sulking. and we can really see him trying to win her later. even for me...i want to see him try not that I am saying he never did. it shows the power and hardship of vampirism (an addiction). People will relate to seeing that than just being told. They want you to feel Stefan just like you felt for Damon as he tries to be better. and maybe we delenas will feel sad when he looses her to stefan.


I think @Tara has been watching another show. Really? S1 and S2 where all about Damon and Elena and just a COUPLE of kisses between Stefan and her? Are you for real? The previous seasons didn't revolve just around couples my dear, there was a lot of shit going on if you can't recall I'll put it in here for you. S1 had Damon being the big bad guy trying to save Katherine from the tomb, then she wasn't in there and the tomb vampires got out and another hundred of storylines flyed around back then, at the end Katherine got back, in seasonn 2 we had Werewolves, witches, originals, curses, wtf? and how can you even say that it was all about Damon and Elena when Elena doesn't pay attention to Damon? They have been growing closer yeah but come on girl! and I honestly don't think the writers want Nina to don't have chemistry with Stefan. That's just plain stupid. The fact that the chemistry between Nina and Ian onscreen doesn't mean that she has no chemistry with Paul. An I could sit here all day and rant about your comment but no I won't. I suggest you to check if you're actually watching this show, I'll just assume you haven't been paying attention.


@Tara- so are you not a supporter of Damon and Elena ? Or you are a supporter of Elena and Stefan ??


Guess since Nina and Ian are dating in real life they are calling the shots on the show. It's obvious when scenes with Ian Nina isn't acting. When she's with Paul you can tell she's trying not to have chemistry with him. Now the writers are on board with Ian and Nina. Why else are they making Pauls character so mean and making Ians character the centre of, well everything. As usual. Loved Season 1 Season 2 was all about Elena and Damon with a couple of kisses between Stefan and Elena. Season 3 again will be Damon and Elena. Don't think my friends and me are going to be into Season 3 for the long haul. I know alot of people feel like me and my friends. Funny we didn't really comment before. We'd just sit back and listen to the constant put downs by the Damon fans. Now were fed up.

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