The Vampire Diaries to Flash Way Back: First Photos!

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Joseph Morgan teased it in our exclusive interview this week, and now The CW has provided an early look at episode eight of The Vampire Diaries.

It will be titled "Ordinary People" and it will take viewers way, way back to the family roots of The Originals, as Rebekah fights with Elena and then opens up to her about her past.

Expect an appearance from Elijah, as well as from Mother Original. Also, if past flashback episodes are any indication, expect to be blown away by new discoveries and revelations. Click through the following photos for a preview now:

Old School Klaus and Rebekah
Rebekah, Aghast!
Centuries Ago...
Ciassic Rebekah
In Alaric's Room
Elena vs. Rebekah
Rebekah v. Elena

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I can't wait to see how the original vampire family became the first vampires!


I had expected the family to be a prominent player in the Middle Ages political arena, like the father being a castle-owning resident noble or something. But hey, being a wealthy landowner in those days is ain't bad either...


yeah, elijah once said that they came from a rich family lol


Seems like people had nice fashionstylist in the middle ages ... xD
I would like it more if Rebekah wasn't that ... stunnning. Sounds weird, but these are the middle ages, or close to it, and it doesn't look like Rebekah and her folks were that rich.


I can't wait to find out more about the history behind the Original Family and Klaus! Flashback episodes are so awesome because you get to explore different eras of the past, and see the period clothing that people in that time period would have worn. And what had happened 1,000 years ago before the Original Family were vampires. This is the episode that I have been waiting for, because it involves The Original Family and its the first episode of The Originals Chapter, which is also exciting!


I love this,so excited can't wait bring on the originals and elijah!Rebekah is growing on me but the whole tyler thing needs to go.I hope there are more original siblings.


I LOVE THE FLASHBACKS!! They just explain so much!!


these photos make me want to see the episode even more than i do know.

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