Tonight on The Secret Circle: Demon Possession, Manipulation

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Tonight on The Secret Circle, a demon will take over Melissa's mind and force her to manipulate the coven into making a drastic decision.

Is that enough of a tease for you?

In the following preview, producer Andrew Miller says "Slither" will pick up where last week's tremendous episode concluded, as Melissa is in bed with Nick, but is acting like anyone but herself. Expect that behavior to continue through the hour, as evidenced by a few clips below.

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And did you also hear the good news? The Secret Circle has been picked up by The CW for a full season!

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Push it up a notch script writers. Aspire to be as good as the scribes at True Blood, or Vampire Diaries please. To kill a supposedly main character for added juice and not have the impact you desire, that's a sad thing.
And then, an old suitcase that keeps - hold your breath - a nest (not even close, really) of snakes. OOOOOOOOO..... so scaryyyy
Again, I'm saying that this show has potential but it lacks a strong weekly script - not tightly edited - and the directing is also a tad weak. Come on guys, you can do a lot better than this.


caaaant wait.


Speculation only, but it looks like Nick ends up on the receiving end of the same suppression spell that Amelia used on Heather - or dead - to make room for the new blonde boy. Funny how the rules of the circle seem to change quite easily at the whim of the producers.


Yay full season and hopefully many more to follow :)

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