True Blood Season 5 Premiere To Be Titled...

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True Blood fans still have months to wait before season five of this smash hit returns. But they are mere seconds away from the title of next summer's opening episode. It will be...

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Fallen Tara

What might this season premiere title imply? When we last saw Sookie, she was cradling the supposedly dead body of her best friend. The title could very well be a hint that there's only one way to save Tara's life: she must be turned, turned, turned into a vampire.

Among other season five tidbits and teases:

  • Russell Edgington will return.
  • Eric and Bill will remain on the same team.
  • We'll return to the fairy world.
  • We'll meet an important a progeny of Godric's.

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I think tara will be turned by Pam, a male and Sookie bury her in the yard, presumably with the vamp that turns her. Now that Lala is a medium Godric can channel through him too if they want to go that route and it gives Eric a not crazy defense for talking to "himself", MARNIE is NOT done, in the last episode I believe it was of season 4 you hear her voice after her death say I am not done.. so I guess she's not done....Sookie seemed to be trapped by Lala in the preview like he's gone nuts. When he diefnds her the inflection when she says "Like I said I CAN'T" sounds more directed towards lala than anything he wont let her leave.


I don't know how they will do it but they need to keep Tara.. If they keep killing all our favorites no one will watch.. A lot of people have been disappointed with season 4 especially after reading the books.. I agree. I am a huge fan so i hope they make a come back with season 5 or the show just will not continue to be a hit. Hate that Lafayette is gone by the way!


After the first book the series starting diverging from the books. They are so far apart now it's hard to see how they could be brought together. Tidbits of the story lines are in the series, but not much. The whole Faerie Land arc is not in the books, nor is Bill as King. Oh well. This may be my last season watching if things get too much weirder.


I have no idea how season 5 is gunna go! Haha but I think Tara will be turned!! Hate the wait for season 5 it's just too long:( they should make 2 series a year instead of 1!! I decided to read the books while I'm waiting I finished the last one today they at really good but not so much like the series but they kept me occupied while I wait for true blood to start! Can't wait! Eric and sookie I hope get together they're so awesome together!


tara will drink blood and will be back as normal. Remember what happened with Jason in front of Moonlight, he drank Jessica's blood and saved him from blindness!


I have three ideas of what I think will happen to Tara:
1. Claude will show up (waited for that to happen all freakin' season) and he'll take Tara and Sookie to Fairy Land and save her life.
2. Sookie cured Eric's amnesia, maybe she has some fairy healing power or something.
3. Russell will show up, call Sookie "Miss Stackhouse" a few thousand times, and the two will make some kind of deal, Sookie "donates" her blood to him at certain times so he can daywalk and he'll save Tara.
All I know is Tara is one of the few, fairly interesting humans left, if she dies it'll be hard for me to continue watching.


I think as much as I loved season 4, the Debbie situation should have ended in Sookie's bedroom with a shot to the head with out messing with Tara anymore. I await season 5 with anticipation but really, cam we at least pretend to follow the books a bit?


I think she'll be a vampire! Which is weird, because then Sookie's best friend is gonna be the progeny of one of her ex-lovers (assuming either Bill or Eric turn her)!


I immediately said, "Definately Tara!" It's obvious that Pam will he her Maker, due to the fact that Bill is King. He already commanded no harm on Tara from Pam ever, or she would meet the True Death. And Eric is so angry w/ Pam, that she's at his mercy His love for Sookie will play a role in that decision. Sookie & Alcide have to hook up in some way in Season 5. I have only read 4&1/2 of the books so I'm not too familiar w/ Quinn, so I'm fine if he never shows up. We haven't seen the last of Crystal & Hot Shot, there's gotta be more there. Lafayette will get more magical, Jesus?? Arlene & Terry have more troubles ahead & looks like Sam isn't "out of the woods" yet. I can't wait to see more Jessica & Jason, Hoyt & his Mom will have a relationship again. Russell is OUT! How, still not sure if he was dug up, by whom, or was drawn to the sun from Antonia's spell. Not sure about the whole Eric & his sister, the AVL or the Authority, or if Bill & Sookie or Eric & Sookie will ever find true love in trueblood.


farsia-i really like your perspective. turning back time a little would solve a few really serious problems. but they've still got to get rid of debbie though.

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