True Blood Season 5 Premiere To Be Titled...

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True Blood fans still have months to wait before season five of this smash hit returns. But they are mere seconds away from the title of next summer's opening episode. It will be...

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Fallen Tara

What might this season premiere title imply? When we last saw Sookie, she was cradling the supposedly dead body of her best friend. The title could very well be a hint that there's only one way to save Tara's life: she must be turned, turned, turned into a vampire.

Among other season five tidbits and teases:

  • Russell Edgington will return.
  • Eric and Bill will remain on the same team.
  • We'll return to the fairy world.
  • We'll meet an important a progeny of Godric's.

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Tara being turned confuses me. The whole process confuses me. In order to become a vamp, another vamp (maker) must drain the human to near death, then feed the human the vamp's (maker's) blood, then be buried in the ground for the day. Now, my question is: people comment that the only way to save Tara is to turn her. That is not true, one of the vamps could simply feed her some blood and she will be as good as new. This leads me to believe that it is a choice to turn Tara. I wonder what the plot will be to decide to turn Tara? Maybe Eric will command Pam to turn her? Well there are so many scenarions...


I like everyones thoughts. I also feel she will be turned and Bill or Eric will be the ones or maybe even Russel. Wouldn't that be wild. I feel that would make sense cause he would have hold of Sookie and know where she is all the time having a hld of her best friend.


Tara is not going to be a zombie,someone is going to turn her.
It's will either be Eric,Bill,Pam or Chow.
It can't be Jessica,as she's too young to turn someone yet.
We will get to know Eric's sister Nora who's Godric's child who's also a
double agent for the Authority.
Also coming to town is Salome,stepdaughter of Herod Antipas,daughter of
Herodias,who got John,the Baptist beheaded.
Now what is her connection to both Eric Northman & Godric & Russell Edgington
Russell is 3000 years old,Godric was 2000 years old.
When Eric was being held in Silver in FOTS chruch Steve Newlin asked if he'd
met christ? "No, I just missed him, I would have liked to have met him"
Godric replied~ Did Godric turn Salome????? As to Alcide's father wonder who they'll cast for the role???
The witches are DEAD. MARNIE's gone onto Heaven.


If Tara becomes a vampire, she will probably kill herself. She'd rather be dead than be a vampire. So if Sookie called for Eric or Bill to do anything, I think Tara would probably kill herself and actually hate Sookie to a very high extent.


At first I was pretty positive Tara was as good as dead, and I was pretty thrilled about it because I hated her character these last 2 seasons. But now the more and more I think about it, the possibility of her becoming a vampire are huge. Think about it, in the world of True Blood in order to become a vampire you need to be drained of your blood, then fed human blood, and then buried underground. The possibility of Eric or Bill showing up and doing this is highly likely because Sookie will be so upset. And the more and more I think about this idea, the more and more I LIKE it! I mean how amazing is that? A woman who despises vampires becomes one. Self hatred at its best.


does anybody else think that the title means time? Sookie is a fairy with fairy relatives, what if they will offer her a deal to turn back the time in return for her loyalty or sth. or maybe a dormant power will awake in her and she will turn back the clock her self only it will turn around more than she expected and she will have to deal with it.
i don't know, maybe i am off base, just speculating.



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