True Blood to Introduce a Double Agent, Biblical Mystery Woman

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Vital intel has leaked out regarding True Blood season five.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the HBO smash is seeking a pair of actors to take on two new roles, the first of which has a strong connection to Eric and will be considered a series regular...

  1. Nora: A 25-35 year-old blood sucker who works as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. She will be a progeny of Godric.
  2. Salome: The daughter of The Bible's Herodias. A powerful, ancient vampire/seductress who has gone a little crazy.

Got any casting suggestions for these parts? Submit them below and/or in our True Blood forum!

Moreover, find out now what other characters are on their way to Bon Temps.

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It is my job to protect sonofabitches too and vampers and shifters, werechickens and whatever the fu-k else is out there.


Quiet, antidote.

Eric [to Sarah]

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