True Blood to Introduce a Double Agent, Biblical Mystery Woman

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Vital intel has leaked out regarding True Blood season five.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the HBO smash is seeking a pair of actors to take on two new roles, the first of which has a strong connection to Eric and will be considered a series regular...

  1. Nora: A 25-35 year-old blood sucker who works as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. She will be a progeny of Godric.
  2. Salome: The daughter of The Bible's Herodias. A powerful, ancient vampire/seductress who has gone a little crazy.

Got any casting suggestions for these parts? Submit them below and/or in our True Blood forum!

Moreover, find out now what other characters are on their way to Bon Temps.


Im soo confused as to who salome is and where did she come from????


I think they are adding characters because of the war with the authority that may dominate next season. Introducing a double-agent makes sense--unsure about the role of Salome (I haven't read past last season, in the books, so not sure if the characters are there).


Looking foward to meeting the two new Vampires.
Especially SALOME, she had to be turned after she danced for her stepfather,
Herod Antipas, and asked for the head of John, The Baptist.
I want to know who turned her??? Could it have been Russell Edgington???
And Nora, is she younger than Eric???
This is going to be getting really good.
Alan Ball, please just don't screw this up it has such potential!!!


The show JUST killed off 3 (4 if Tara did die) main characters and a (kinda) important recurring character in a span off 3 episodes. This was good on so many levels, becausenow we can focus on a smaller cast. So why on Earth are they considering ANOTHER main character? Unless it's relevant to the books and has to do with the season plotline that ties into the books, stop adding people. I find it annoying and unnecessary.

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