TV Ratings Report: Fringe Matches Series Low

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Our critic loved it, but not many viewers actually tuned in for this week's episode of Fringe. The Fox drama earned only 3.14 million viewers, matching its all-time series low and making it clear that producers should be writing toward an end game this season.

Elsewhere on the Friday night dial:

  • Nikita (1.79 million) remained remained consisted with its second season premiere.
  • Supernatural (1.8 million) list 12 percent of its premiere audience.
  • CBS dominated the night overall, thanks to Blue Bloods (11.2 million), A Gifted Man (8.14 million) and CSI: NY (10 million).
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Please start counting people who DVR. I love Fringe but it's Friday night and sometimes there is life outside of TV watching!


I haven't even been able to see the season premiere yet because fox now won't release it for 8 days unless you have cable or satellite. This is ridiculous, then yesterday I tried to watch it and the images were frozen and I couldn't get it into full screen mode. I tried 5 times to get it to work before giving up and watching a different show. Every time I try and it doesn't work I just discover a new show. I really like fringe but if fox can't get their act together then I'll have to just give up on this show.


Online viewing and DVR ratings are also taken into account. I believe they refer to them as the '+7' numbers? Hulu is waiting a week to air Fringe episodes, apparently, and that sucks. I haven't even seen the premiere yet, because it just showed up. We usually watch Nikita and Supernatural on Friday nights, recording other things, and leaving Fringe to Hulu. M-Th, the only things I watch in their proper timeslots are GG and TVD/SC. Everything else is either recorded or viewed on Hulu.


Informative, thank you. That being the case, I wonder how many people own a Neilson box and how accurate their sample viewer ratings are compared to how many people are actually watching the show live.


Nikita has average ratings for a show on the CW. All of their shows range from 1.5 million to about 2.5 million, with the Vampire Diaries always rated highest. A network like fox has shows that are expected to have many more viewers. New Girl has around 10 million. The X Factor has around 12 etc. Fringe is one of if not the lowest rated show on Fox network. Also, if you don't have a Neilson Box (how they track the ratings, and very few people actually have them) then you're not hurting the show by watching it online.


Should it matter if one show's on the CW and one's on FOX?


@Hannah Nikita is on the CW


I have a similar question: do they take into account hulu/ watchers? Because like the person before me, I am usually not home friday nights and I'm a student without DVR capabilities, so I watch Fringe online. I'd hate to see one of my favorite shows get cancelled because of that.
Also, why is Fringe considering being cancelled with 3.4 mil but Nikita isn't with 1.8 mil? That seems backwards...


just wondering... do the networks take into acount DVRs and OnDemand? I am never home friday nights so i DVR fringe to watch later or i watch it ondemand. I love this show and would hate to see it go because people watch it later instead of when it is on