Two and a Half Men Review: Nine Magic Fingers, Two Big Guns

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Wow. Two and a Half Men is really busting out the big guns to try and make up for the lack of Sheen. And by big guns, I am, of course, referring to Jenny McCarthy's breasts. Did she always have those things!?

Walden and Alan

Seriously, though, this episode was probably the strongest of the Kutcher-led series, mostly thanks to the guest starring beauties (McCarthy and Courtney Thorne-Smith). And not just Courtney's cell-phone raising qualities.

Thanks to the two ladies well-developed characters from multi-episode arcs, the show almost felt a little more like home. Especially for Alan, who's even back in his bedroom thanks to "Nine Magic Fingers" and looking out for his latest rich man.

Now, I'm far from saying this sitcom is the same or as good as seasons past, but for the first time this season, I was actually enjoying scenes and not being embarrassed for the cast and crew. Yes, Kutcher is still my least favorite part. But luckily this episode had its distractions.

Hopefully, there's enough guest stars and and past Two and a Half Men storylines we can explore to keep me interested. Heck, there's enough of Charlie's exes to last a lifetime and that's not even touching the Alan story lines.

Let's keep Lindsey around! Or bring on more Judith and Herb! Like Alan's bromance with Herb or his possibly daughter with Judith. As long as we leave his sister out. That could lead to a casting paradox and possible a rip in the space time continuum not even Doc Brown could fix.

Anyways, here's hoping for as much nostalgia as I can have with my remaining man and a half.


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I agree, make it stop! It was once a great show and cast, but face it, it ain't nothing without Charlie Sheen.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


I agree with cdrees Rank:new user Oct.11.2011. I agree with another comment stating that R.Lowe could have handled the part. I agree, and he would have added wit, humor and class. Ashton might possibly have handled it with a better script,and a total wardrobe makeover & getting a better haircut. The show has substituted nudity for humor and is such a disappoinment I can barely stand to watch it! It must be tough for the rest of the cast.


I think the writing is bad now. Alan was always a geek, but he was almost believable before. Now his lines are so bad, I have to hit the remote. I may be wrong, but no mention hardly ever about Alan's dead brother? A good writer could make that both endearing and funny. Kutcher could have been the ticket, but he's being written as if he is still on the 70's. And the housekeeper has designs on Kutcher???? They are making her look dumb too, and she used to be a kick.


Way to ruin an awesome show. I cannot describe the disappointment in the death of a great comedy.
Please just stop,, and burn the 2011 episodes so they don't taint the reruns. And by TAINT I mean they smell like ass!


Hate the show. Was one of my favorite. Stop watching it altogether. CRAP..


Make it stop! The real problem is that it sucks without Charlie Sheen. Period! Check L.... Clearly, the show has evolved beyond your ability. Hey. Maybe you can move on to another project and screw it up when it gets really good, just like this one ........


this is the worst show ive ever seen not funny at all should have just left it after charlie left ashton is crap


The show is fine with Kutcher but they have to get off this "down and out, puppy love, immature boy" kick! Also they hav eto get rid of his wife...I mean long time watchers know her as Aunt Myra and she'll always be Aunt Myra! Whatever happened to Alan's baby girl? What about his ponzi scheme? Where is Rose at now? Why not let Herb in on this show...dude is funny as heck! Kutcher's character is bad, bad, bad! He's perfect for the part but man, did they ever screw up his role...and who thought of "Waldon Schmitt"? Geez...


Let's get something clear...
Two and a Half Men DOES NOT need Charlie Sheen!
They need to write better episodes and Chuck Lorre needs to grow up and let the writers do their job!
It wasn't Sheen that made the show so great, it was the sick, shocking, racy, and insane stuff that used to happen in the show!
Charlie Sheen is an a$$hole and Chuck Lorre is a whiney b!tch! They're BOTH the reason the show blows!
I'm not defending Ashton Kutcher, we all know if he wasn't good looking he'd be a stock boy at Walmart. But I don't think anyone could save the show with the crap episodes that have been written lately.
Regardless, the damage is done. End the show already!

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