Two and a Half Men Review: Nine Magic Fingers, Two Big Guns

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Wow. Two and a Half Men is really busting out the big guns to try and make up for the lack of Sheen. And by big guns, I am, of course, referring to Jenny McCarthy's breasts. Did she always have those things!?

Walden and Alan

Seriously, though, this episode was probably the strongest of the Kutcher-led series, mostly thanks to the guest starring beauties (McCarthy and Courtney Thorne-Smith). And not just Courtney's cell-phone raising qualities.

Thanks to the two ladies well-developed characters from multi-episode arcs, the show almost felt a little more like home. Especially for Alan, who's even back in his bedroom thanks to "Nine Magic Fingers" and looking out for his latest rich man.

Now, I'm far from saying this sitcom is the same or as good as seasons past, but for the first time this season, I was actually enjoying scenes and not being embarrassed for the cast and crew. Yes, Kutcher is still my least favorite part. But luckily this episode had its distractions.

Hopefully, there's enough guest stars and and past Two and a Half Men storylines we can explore to keep me interested. Heck, there's enough of Charlie's exes to last a lifetime and that's not even touching the Alan story lines.

Let's keep Lindsey around! Or bring on more Judith and Herb! Like Alan's bromance with Herb or his possibly daughter with Judith. As long as we leave his sister out. That could lead to a casting paradox and possible a rip in the space time continuum not even Doc Brown could fix.

Anyways, here's hoping for as much nostalgia as I can have with my remaining man and a half.


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I thought last night's episode was the best yet. I don't think people realize how bringing in a new character takes time although i love the new show and love everyone on the show including Ashton. I think He's hilarious. I don't understand why people are so down on chuck lorre. Because of charlie's meltdown, i didn't get to see a full season of my favorite show last year. I have loved the show from day one and never missed and episode and never will. Alan jake Ashton Berta judith herb and non are all awesome and love lindsey and glad they has courtney last night. It sickens me that people want to slam a show with such an awesome cast because charlie is gone. He caused his in fate and i good the current cast don't read all these negative comments because charlie did not make that show. That cast did and every week it here better. I am thrilled with Ashton.


This show used to make me laugh out loud, this season I barely crack a smile. Ashton Kutcher seems to be playing the same doofus from That 70's Show, except his character was actually funny. Somebody please pull the plug on this show; the life support isn't working.


Ok, the idea to make Ashton some sort of great looking dweeb isn't working. I know they didn't want to do the cliche' of having the new character being just like Charlie but to make him to complete opposite isn't working.


I liked the 1st episode but as this grinds on Walden has become a slug. Some maybe able to watch Aston do anything but this is pathetic. If his character isn't able to act, and after four weeks it doesn't look good, then I too cry out for Charlie to save from this travesty disguised as ¿¡entertainment!? I don't think so!!! CHARLIE...can you come back and save this show for us???


put charlie back on and send kutcher back to his wife. He can't even get that right.


take this show out of its misery. Bring Charlie back or take this horrible show off the air


@croc111 as the kids say; "my bad"!


@Mom I know, just using Charlie's meaning of the term...


I didn't watch it. The first 3 showns did me in. I've had enough... I don't plan to return as a viewer unless CHARLIE SHEEN returns!


this show is trolling america hard

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