Two and a Half Men Review: Greetings, Conan the Humanitarian

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Judy Greer must have set some kind of record on the most recent episode of Two and a Half Men.  

The actress has now played Aunt Myra, Bridget and Dani. At least last night's appearance was intentional and the audience was in on the joke. Plus, she gets bonus points for bringing along the beautiful Kiki, the bimbo resonsible for uttering the episode title, "The Squat and Hover."

Alan and Walden

Greer wasn't the only guest star who returned: as Jane Lynch reprised her role as one of my favorite supporting characters, Dr. Freeman. While Ashton Kutcher's phoned-in acting and failure to play off this comedic legend hurt this scene's potential to compete with Lynch's past appearances, it still had some great lines and laughs.

Also guest starring? True Blood's hunky Joe Manganiello. He stopped by to give Ashton Kutcher a run for his masculine money, making men everywhere feel inadequate. Of course, his character wasn't just good looking, he was Conan the Humanitarian. 

Speaking of which, with wit like that, writers are definitely tweaking Walden Schmidt. So many of his moronic tendencies seem to be slowly disappearing and they're finally giving him the witty lines other characters have been spewing for years. Now, if we could just get rid of the obligatory nude scene that Jake, Alan and the audience are all painfully subjected to each week.

Another positive for Walden / Kutcher? (That's right.  Two in one review.) The budding friendship between Walden and Alan is finally starting to feel like it's working. Just continue to tweak Walden and keep playing off the nine years of flamboyance Cryer has put into the character with classic gay jokes... and we'll have an actual buddy comedy on our hands!

Overall, it was a decent half hour. The show is becoming much more watchable. Now, cue the pleases for Charlie Sheen to return...


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OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


Give me a break people... how much crap are you supposed to take from someone? Should it be forever because hes a star? Im a huge fan love charlie sheen and miss him greatly, but i cant expect the network to put up with continued disrespect


I wish they would have made Ashton nieve instead of stupid but if he's screwing around on Demi I guess he is stupid and his stupidty isn't an act !!!


Will Ashton get unappropiately naked in every show? Is that suppose to be funny? A tell tell sign that you have no talent is when you are always asked to disrobe. Seems like the writer is highly attracted to the model that was hired to replace the actor.


Just watched my first Two and a half men with Ashton, I wont be watching a second episode....bring back Charlie I say....the show is definately lacking some Sheen :)


I swore to anyone who would listen that I will not watch be watching 2 1/2 Men now that Charlies gone. But my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself tuning in to the premier. Since then I only watch re-runs of the original, because the show will never be the same without Charlie. I'm a huge Ashton Kutcher fan; I never miss a re-run of That 70's Show. But you can't take a classic program like 2 1/2 men, remove the guy who made it classic, and replace him with someone else. It just doesn't work. We could identify with Charlie because we all know someone (or ARE someone) just like him. He's a screw-up; a hysterically funny, in-your-face, don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks of him screw-up. And that's what we love about him! But who can identify with Ashton? Rich, young, handsome, and married to a gorgeous movie star. Oh ya, I know TONS of people in that boat. I'll feel bad for the rest of the cast when it all comes crashing down, and I truly think it will, but the one person I won't feel bad for is chuckie baby. You let your freakin' ego destroy the best comedy in decades. I would have crawled through broken glass to watch it, and I don't care what Charlie did or said, he WAS 2 1/2 Men. What have you got now chuck? A sad, pathetic resemblance to the original. For christ sake man, what in god's name were you thinking?


This episode was kind of good but id doesn't fell like TWO AND A HALF MEN, every week its a different show but nothing like before. I am very disappointed Jake is grown they could give him at least 1 story-line just 1 scene every week? they could do so much more but they want to kill the show so I guess they are in a good pat...


Hahaha... Your comments are the ones that make each of their episodes funny. Makes me want to come back here every week just to read and comment on pointless chatter... feel free to respond losers.




I am stating right now that we all need to write a letter or call CBS and demand that they bring Charlie back or we aren't going to watch anymore.. BRING BACK CHARLIE.. BRING BACK CHARLIE..BRING BACK CHARLIE... Come on everyone.. All together now.....

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