Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Deja Vu for Damon

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Greetings, Blondie. Witchie. Got a minute?

On this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline will be having a conversation with Bonnie about sending Vicki back to the other side and whether or not Jeremy's other ghostly ex-girlfriend, Anna, is still around. You know, the usual girl talk.

But then Damon will pull up and interrupt with a simple demand for Bonnie: You screwed up. Mason is back. He's after me. Fix it. Peace it!

Check out the official trailer for "Ghost World" and then get an early look at the installment via this sneak peek now:

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You should not use the books as an excuse to hate Bonnie. The series is so different from the books. Elena is blonde and a bitch in the books but she is not hated. I love Bonnie but I think the writers have not given her enough screen time.
If the series had been written to follow the books, i dont think VD would have been renewed for a second season.


What I don't get is why people love Caroline so much and insist on either hating on Bonnie or deeming her irrelevant. Bonnie is simply given less screen time, which reduces her character purpose. Caroline's purpose has been to save Tyler. Bonnie's will come soon in the form of either dumping Jeremy's sorry a$$ or saving Matt's pathetic one. So I personally am excited to see Bonnie more involved in the plot.


What? There is nothing between Bonnie and Damon! You guys are really stretching it. Really bad. The only thing Damon can see is Elena. His love is the strongest of anyone elses love for anyone on the show. Bonnies boring and is not the right character all together. Thats why a lot hate her. The long time readers of the book know in their hearts she should be almost completely opposite of the way the CW has her portrayed. They turned a lovable important character into a boring, cranky annoyance that I personally am waiting for to be killed off. And then probably returned as a ghost. Whatever. The only reason shes involved in everything is because shes the only witch taking up residence in the Mystic Falls High School clique. They need her for all magic doings. She could easily be replaced with another carmel colored waif with a pretty face and hopefully a better personality. I digress. Bamon will never happen on the show. Its black and white. They would lose ratings. No one wants to see that.


@Linda: nobody even mentions Bonnie until they bring her up. You and your imaginery friends should go to youtube and watch your half second clip of bamon. Gotta get more clip views then 4. I'm not a delena fan either. Bonnie could die in the next epi and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. She's boring and doesn't jive with the rest of the cast imo.


Bonnie and the rest of the ghost storyline crew suck, booorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg. She's attractive but is just a problem fixer. Convenient for the writers but I didn't here anyone missing her when she was gone. Obviously this show isn't even remotely following the books and rightly so. There are very few Bamon shippers compared to delena or almost any other ahip. Silly arguement Bamon fans. Most viewers barely know there is a book anyways. Oh and the sizzling chemistry? Reaching much? From their two 30 second scenes? Haha. I could just as easily say Bamon fans are stelena fans in disguise. OMG most fans want Bon Bon dead, far from in a ship with the most popular character and highest paid actor on the show.


You know what i want? Bonnie to side with Micheal and help him clean up mystic falls from all the vampires infesting the once peaceful streets. So that maybe, just maybe, actual teenagers could go to school with fair of being killed.


I think this Ghost Thing will be Good it Looks great and i would Like for Bonnie see her Grand Mom May be she Can Say goodbye to her this Time around . The Mason & Damon Stuff looks good may be we will see Mason try to get some Pay back for what Damon has Done to him . From what I have seen Mason is trying to show or take Damon some where wonder what will happen there ?


Bonnie is really annoying. She needs to GO AWAY. Kill her off already!! I love Damon in this clip! HAHA.


I LOVE BONNIE and a Lot of my Friends Love her to she is ONE of the Reasons I watch The show And I would Like to see More of her and The Bonnie Hate Comes from The Delena ship b/c They see that Damon & Bonnie have Major Chemistry Together IF you guys was so sure about your Ship then you would not be all over Bonnie & Damon . OK that whole Bonnie set Damon and Stefan on Fire thing she was Doing what she did to protect the Town BUT in the End she was the One who Help Stefan save Damon and she has been putting her self on the Line day in and day out to Help both (who are now she see as Friends) Brothers and Her Friends in any way she can she goes all out for her Friends HATERS WILL HATE THAT IS WHAT Y'ALL DO BUT BE REAL ABOUT WHY YOU HATE

Uncle jackass

The writers in the season 1 commentary marked the possible reasons on why there begun hate-mail towards the Bonnie character. The one point that seemed to provoke fans was that Bonnie chose to let both Stefan and Damon die by not dis-spelling the Gilbert device. In doing so, she chose a side; the side against our main 'heros.' And apparently, even thought she redeemed herself in saving Damon/Stefan from the fire she claims she didn't do it for them but Elena's sake. Damon retorts by saying "Witches and their judgy ways..." As for the whole ghost saga, I think we are all disappointed from watching this season's TruBlood with witches and ghosts that have 'dis-compelled" us from all future ghost plots. I'm sure we will change our minds when we see Mason, Aunt Jenna and Lexi back.

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