Vedette Lim to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Looks like Alex Karev had better watch his back.

According to TV Guide, actress Vedette Lim has signed on as Dr. Polly Preston, who arrives at Seattle Grace-Mercy West with a pediatric fellowship, on Grey's Anatomy this fall.

The website says Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will take an immediate liking to Polly, so much so that she'll remove Alex (Justin Chambers) from her pediatric service as a result.

We can only imagine how well that will go over.

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Lim, who portrayed Tara's lesbian lover on Season 4 of True Blood, will first appear in the eighth episode of the season. That installment, entitled "Heart-Shaped Box," airs November 3.


Very talented actress. Rare that a actor makes me watch older movies to see more, but I watched No Strings Attached to catch a glimpse and Kicking A Dog just to see her a couple years ago.


Really? Why exactly do they insist on making Alex the "bad guy"? It's like they rotate between him and Mark and it's annoying. Why can't be be fine working his service with the ever annoying Arizona? He tells her the truth...something he always does, and now she'll decide that she wants the pretty new doctor on her service over him?It's stupid. I agree with the revolving door of recurring characters. They have a hard enough time balancing out the regular characters. I'm kinda sick of watching Alex get screwed though, so hope it doesn't end up being that.


It would be refreshing for Alex not to sleep with this character. It's only fair Alex should face some problems with his career choice attending too.


I don't see how this is gonna cause someborovlems between callie and Arizona. More like Alex. It's normal Arizona is a bit off with Alex over what he said to her last episode. She'll probly be a love interest for Alex. Just cause she played a lesbian once doesn't mean she will play one everytime she's on screen if thats what people meant.


And here I actually believed Shonda when she told us that Callie und Arizona would be 'problem-free' this season. This new character just screams 'problem'...
Somehow (I really don't know why) I feel sorry for Alex. He needs something good to happen to him or we will loose the next character to alcohol...


Another character brought in to mess things up for Alex and possibly Calzona. The news of a lover for Mark is worse for me but I'm just so sick of all these additional recurring characters. I don't see their point anymore.


@ga i agree this is going to cause problems between calzona


i think this neww doctor is gunna cause problems for callie and arizona, expescally if she kicks karev off her service cuz shes so great


alex getting the boot once again?????"SHOCKER"....cant find anymore bad guys for the show ..ha????

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