Warehouse 13 Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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Oh my God.

That's what I uttered as the bodies and plot twists kept piling up during “Emily Lake” and "Stand." I’m almost at a loss of where to begin because I’m still trying to process all of it.

I’m really left wondering about Steve and where he lands in all this now that he’s supposedly dead because both Claudia and Artie seem to have some sort of plan to bring him back. I’m just wary of the repercussions and what that means for everyone involved seeing as it’s a very big and game changing thing to do on Warehouse 13, bringing someone back from the beyond.

What are the potential consequences for using an artifact in that manner?

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Continuing on with Steve, I knew something terribly wrong was about to happen when Claudia revealed his true allegiances, Placebo’s Running Up That Hill doesn’t play during happy times (I'm looking at you, Season Four premiere of The OC!).

My heart was breaking watching Pete discover Steve’s corpse and immediately recoiling back, but I wasn’t able to hold back my tears watching Claudia’s look of terror and remorse after losing someone so close to her. The entire scene was emotionally draining but it was so well done, my hat is off to the cast and crew for such an amazing scene.

Yet, even after all of this, I’m still not entirely pleased at how Sykes turned out. There was nothing really likable or hateable about him, he was simply a guy who lost an artifact that corrupted him and he wanted it back. Yes, his plans were ruthless, he destroyed the Warehouse, but he didn’t have long monologues or a short fuse or even an eye patch. In essence, there was nothing to him.

That isn’t entirely truthful. Sykes did do one thing for me: thanks to him I finally warmed up to H.G. and her redemption. She sacrificed herself to save Pete, Myka, and Artie – although why she didn’t just put the barrier around the nuke I’ll never know. At least now if that spinoff ever gets off the ground I won’t have such hatred for her.

Speaking of the Warehouse being destroyed, I only have one thing to say: awesome!!! Although what does that mean for Mrs. Frederick’s rather disgusting, shriveled up death? Oh, that’s right, because four dead bodies weren’t enough, Mrs. Frederick died with the Warehouse.

Warehouse 13 certainly didn’t lack commitment issues for this finale. Maybe someone can bronze me so the wait for season four won’t feel so long.

Other thoughts:

  • Nanites – Does anyone else think of Jake 2.0 after hearing that? Rest in peace UPN!
  • I rather enjoyed badass Claudia, especially that stare down with Mrs. Frederick.
  • I should start keeping track of how many artifacts are used in an episode/season, it’s gotten quite crazy at times.
  • Death by a chess game, isn’t that how Skynet is created? Or is that the red herring?
  • Tesla rifles should be mandatory.


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All i can say is WTF????.......AND THAT WAS PRETTY DAMN GOOD ^^


Mrs fredrick is not dead, there was forshadowing earlier in the last episode with mcpherson and a pocketwatch, then at the end of the epsiode he pulls that same watch from his pocket, coincidence? not at the warehouse.


I DON'T GET IT!!!If Warehouse 13 was destroyed by a bomb why is there a fourth season coming up? You can't have a Warehouse 13 season without Warehouse 13. Will the Warehouse somehow be restored in the fourth season or what?


Hey man the song is not from placebo but from : Track & Field. Cheers


does anyone else remember when marko was finally confronted by ms fredrick holding his badge (she knew who he was) and he said "finally its about time you came...and then said: im tired trying to make your death look like an accident.".???...its as if they knew one another...something is up...perhaps ms fredrick knows more than we think..even when she said "oh i know exactly whats going to happen" ... hmmm... and not too get too many peoples hopes up but un a recent interview with the bbc (jan 2012) JM was asked what other roles she was currently working on and she replied with :'warehouse 13, ringer and the finder (which hasnt even debuted yet and is still in the final stages of production)...sooooooooo that gives us hope that is back in season 4 and she finally gets to lady love her gorgeous myka! all's well that ends well (no pun intended)


Why didn't she just redirect the barrier on the bomb?


It was rather apparent halfway through mrs frederick was going to die, when the cannonball hit, it took a physical toll on her, she reeled slightly. So the bracelet either links them or draws power from her, either way, containing the blast was a stronger toll on her body than mrs frederick could take. Wonder if that pocket watch that wasn't running can turn back time... Technically with W13 destroyed, the next one would be W14, and that doesn't jive with the title:p


Just finished watching the finale episode of Season 3 and I had the same concern as Sabrina. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DOG?!!!!! It was always by Artie's side at the warehouse since they bonded, so does this mean the dog was nuked?!!!!

Sabrina wilz

Most important question. Was Trailer in the warehouse or at the B&B!


To clarify - all she really did was shift the edge of the barrier slightly at that specific point. The characters were actually OUTSIDE the barrier despite the fact that visually it looked like they were inside something.

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What I know is I'm tired of arbitrary rules. The metronome is for Steve, I'm bringing him back.


Not me I was planning to outlive both of you lunatics.