What Does Peter Bishop Want?

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Wow. So all THAT happened on Fringe this week. An eventful, suspenseful, fascinating episode of this Fox favorite has left us with numerous questions, while also forcing us to wait two weeks for any answers.

That's when Fringe returns with "Novation." What can fans expect on October 27?

As teased in the following official preview, the threat of the return of the translucent shape-shifters coincides will coincide with reemergence of a former Massive Dynamic scientist, played Arye Gross. Elsewhere, Walter will receive a visit in the lab from Nina Sharp. Hmmm.... Watch now:


Maybe this will be when Peter finally pays off the favor from the deal he made with Nina in season 1 when he got the info for Olivia when she couldn't on her birthday.


Bamboodo, how do you know that Olivia still has feelings for Peter? I don't see it which is troubling to me. :-)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH two weeks?I'm sorry I've been waiting for polivia since s1 they got together finally in s3 after all the obstacles but come on writers give us a break make Peter and olivia happen fast like episode 6ish or something.I miss walter and peter too.


what're we gonna do in the next two weeks? can't wait!! Peter finally made his comeback!! i'm glad Olivia still has feelings for him!!


WOOOwWW!!!! CANT WAIT!!! 2 weeks really? :(

Uncle jackass

Arrhh, can't wait that long...

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