Who Else is Returning to The Vampire Diaries?

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Vicki and Anna will soon have company.

According to the latest edition of the E! News Spoiler Chat, three more deceased characters will soon make their way back to Mystic Falls. They are... Pearl (Kelly Hu), Sheila (Jasmine Guy) and Lexi (Arielle Kebbel)!

What will be the basis for this ghost party? We don't know. How long will they stick around for? Likely just one episode. When will this trio show up? Some time in the very near future, perhaps as early as episode seven.

Enjoy the promo above for this Thursday's installment take your best guess now: What the heck is going on?!?


I wish Laxi stayed and they brought back Rose for Damon :)


who is lexi and rose? im new????


If Jenna came back, that would be AMAZING! I feel sorta bad though, I haven't really acknowledged her absence in season 3 yet. The writers have done quite a good job in that way, making it seem like Jenna isn't gone. I keep forgetting that she's dead. Another character that I would like to come back is Rose. She brought out the human side of Damon and I think it would put a great twist on things, especially Damon and Elena's growing relationship.


I'm sooo excited for these characters to come back, but what i I really want is for jenna to comeback! i'VE just read some of the earlier comments and some discussion threads and whole lotta people want jenna back. They might not bring her back just yet (it's soon), but i'm pretty sure that with sooo many of us fans wanting her back, the writers have no choice but to bring her back anyway. AND WHEN she does i hope she gets a PROPER storyline because jenna only got a storyline ( a short one that was) just before she died (with her and alaric and the originals). U know how eeryone can see their own ghost, wellli wreckon only alaric will be able to see her ghost then others will be able to after.


I LOVE Stephan's new attitude I really do, sorry but he has been goody-goody for too long seasons. I think its hot and hilarious!!!


I think jenna, Lexi, and rose should come back!!! I would love it!


I kind of wish that Jenna was coming back too. She was a really good character and I was sad when she got killed off... It would be interesting to see Rose pay another visit as well.


i want lexi back


I wish Jenna was one of those coming back I really liked her and cried when she died. I want to know what would happen if she came back. But Lexie....what's she going to think about Stefan going back? "Ugh, again, Stefan? Bloodies Anonymous again with you!"

Anna maria

what about mason?? I read that he was coming back too! yayy he's so hot!

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