Who is the Scariest Character on TV?

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The ghosts and the goblins are about to come out in neighborhoods across America, as the country's youth celebrates another candy-filled Halloween.

But frightening creatures of a different kind are featured on our small screens every week, some who wish to drain your blood, others who wish to crush your singing spirit.

In honor of the most haunting night of the year, TV Fanatic has to ask: who is the scariest character on television? As you can see, the options vary greatly. It all depends on what one is afraid of. Vote below!

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klaus just needs a friend thats all


the way georgina just shows up out of no where gets everyone to believe she is different, ruins everyones lives and then disappears, now that is scary. But seriously I voted for Rubber Man


Its A from pretty little liars. . What's worst than not knowing who wants to kill you and know all your secrets? . . Klaus is not scary,he's sexy. .


Uh... the scariest character on TV is Nelson Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire. Why is he not included in the poll when GEORGINA SPARKS is? He's scary as fuck.


Klaus is scary and sexy. Rawr.


Klaus... hands down.


@bamboodo: You meant scary or sexy? >.


definitely Klaus!! he's drained people's blood for living, created hybrids for his nefarious plan, compelled others to be killers or to be killed...such a sexy demon!!


I'd have to say A from Pretty Little Liars. I mean, yes, she's human, but it's much more scarier when you don't know who you're dealing with.

Uncle jackass

Kluas isn't scary. He's just unloved and misunderstood.