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completely agree with Aquariuz (=liarsunited)


Other Vampire Diaries fans aren't making sense here!
I'm a big fan of VD, but that doesn't mean they should win everything.
Klaus is more likely to be hot rather than scary.

Most scary goes to -A from Pretty Little Liars.
Just imagine what he/she/it is capable of.


A and Georgina :)


I am going for Klaus. Yes he isn't as scary as he is hot but I think that his scariness lies in the fact that he is so terrifyingly attractive.
Cersei isn't scary as much as she is stupid. It might just be the fact that I read the books but they have made her seem more threatening than she really is. I actually think Joffrey is the scariest. If he were a choice I would vote for him.


I think I'm gonna go with the zombies. I love zombies!

To be honest I don't find Klaus scary either, he's just crazy and hot. You should have made Michael an option instead, he gives me the creeps.


As much as I love Klaus (see @youngnan comment, I totally agree) I voted for Cersei, because she's an evil evil queen! Mother of an horrible son! I find her scary in a psychological way!


people will vote for klaus beacause they like him ,not because he's scary !.i just voted for him for that reason !:)


I guess the most scary is --A from pretty little liars because you cant now from what or ho scared so you get all paranoiac


Klaus? People, really? Scary? Lots of adjectives come to mind to describe Klaus - hot, cute, insanely hot - not scary. You run toward people like Klaus.


Has to be rubber man. And Klaus? He's so sweet and cuddly, how could he be scary?

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