2 Broke Girls Review: Vagina Bed Alert!

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"And the Pretty Problem" started out problematic for me. The opening scene where Max insults a table of grating caricatures made me doubt whether I would enjoy this episode. But cut to the following moment and I was laughing my head off while squealing at the same time.

Totally Cookin

The Good. Johnny was back! Okay, not the most significant plot point of the episode, but I have two words: eye candy. Another set of two words: amazing chemistry. The pair seems to be on a collision course from friends to lovers.

Not sure what's making them put on the brakes. Surely it can't be Oleg, right? Which reminds me: somebody reign in that romance-blocker! How dare he interrupt their moment in the freezer! Anyway, secret's out. I'm a sucker for love, and these two are rocking the hotness factor.

Also, I have to again note the pacing of the girls' relationship. We began this season with Max constantly insulting Caroline. Each episode we now see more and more of Max respecting Caroline's opinions, even as she resists and shows anger at first. Caroline has been literally forcing character growth in Max. Max, in turn, has given Caroline a sense of purpose, and a way to redemption. Also, a home. And a wall for her vagina bed. Both very important.

The Bad. The opening scene was so awkward for me. It was just so forced. Not every line Max utters must end with some sort of snarky insult. Yes, she is really good at that, but at the rate she does it, it seems almost unnatural.

The sitcom has enough going for it - charm, characters we can root for and relate to - that it can ease up in the punch-line delivery. We're still early enough in the season that we may see improvement in that arena. It's happened in other aspects of the show.

Other thoughts:

  • I applaud the network for welcoming curves in their roster of slim starlets. I mean, you go Kat!
  • Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if she'll succumb to second season weight loss like almost all stars of hit shows do.
  • Daisy from Bones was here!
  • Is anyone keeping up with the profit and loss tally? Does the math add up? Next week I better see a mention of the money they earned from that shower, and a tally increase.
  • How has no one stolen Chestnut yet?

Tell us what you thought and then relive some of the funnier punchlines via our quotes page.


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i love it! Comes with great humour and i love the fact that the girls use dirty words..they're in USA, not Al Quaeda


what's the scientific name for the fleshy organ that surrounds the Vagina ? the Woman

Kris hekmi

Oh-em-gee people agree mostly agree with me for once on the crude humor and stereotypes. Yay!


I loved the opening. For anyone who has worked at a restaurant, that is exactly what we wish we could tell older customers without getting fired.
I was sick of the bed jokes as well. they beat that joke to death and it wasn't really all that funny in the first place. I think this show can be hilarious with the talent they have in the lead actresses without relying on crude humor and a stereotypical supporting cast.


I agree with the review. Caroline and Max are growing to an equal footing insult-wise. Overdoing Max's snarky comments. Too many vagina bed jokes. They were funny the first 2 or 3 times and then not. I don't think the Italian women care but Max and Caroline shouldn't have been discussing business strategies in front of them. I know they spent a lot the last 2 but how much money are they actually making from the cupcakes.


I wasn't wondering why no one has stolen Chestnut I have been wondering how it's not some building code in violation to have a horse in a small yard in Brooklyn


I think this show is pretty good, not great just okay
just like how you thought the opening scene was awkward i think that kat constantly insulting ppl will get old quick too.
and i dont really get why EVERY secondary character has to be a walking stereotyping caricature, another thing that will get old fast
i dont mind crude humor, hell i even like some/most of it, but i cant stand "remedial crude humor" shows that somehow think that the mere fact mentioning things like "get laid, penis, vagina, masturbate, vibrator, etc." is somehow a joke and/or funny
unless the show can somehow use other aspects and still be entertaining i dont think it will last that long.


There are definitely some funny moments in this show, but I think I am too old for it - the constant use of "dirty" words sounds so childish - as in "who can shock the most" type of overuse - I will continue to watch but not sure for how long.


This is the BEST new show on TV this season. Very, very funny


One thing I love about this show is that it reminds me of living with some friends during college, especially now that Caroline is getting better at matching wits with Max: we made a lot of dirty jokes, insulted each other, stuck up for each other, and sniped and got over it without big make-up scenes. This whole episode was a good example of that dynamic and just generally great.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Female customer: I don't know who you are or where you came from-"
Max: Neither do I.

I know they're smart because they're the first people to order the Croque Monsieur as Croque Monsieur and not Crock Monster.