2 Broke Girls Review: Lip Locked

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2 Broke Girls must know that I'm a sucker for romance because "And The Really Petty Cash" delivered it in spades. And not just any kind of romance, angst-filled romance.

Max and Caroline at Home

The Good. What I like about this show is that it's gone from average to good, and then to really good in a span of nine episodes. Tonight seemed to prove that the writers have finally discovered the exact combination of ingredients to deliver the perfect cupcake. This cupcake had a lot of Max and Caroline banter, a heavy dose of Johnny and of stolen kisses, a dash of good supporting character moments and was topped with lots of angst. Delicious, delicious angst.

In real life, we may crave happiness and stability, but our most poignant memories are often the angst-filled ones. When a show delivers that kind of tension in the right way, and especially when it's romance-related, it's like a quick shot of adrenaline for us viewers. We relate, and we feel. Most importantly, we feel without risk of getting hurt. Here, Max is taking all the risks for us, and she was so awesome to watch.

Kat Dennings played Max with the perfect amount of vulnerability, spunk and wit. She's tough (and also, possibly bisexual!), but she's not as impenetrable as she seems. It's that huge heart of hers. We've known she has one because of her generosity in taking in Caroline, and all the little things since then. She can cut you down with an insult, but when her heart's won, her heart's won. Too bad, an asshat like Johnny had a chance to mess with it. 

Johnny is cute, I may even have a crush on him, but it was NOT cool for him to kiss her like that. It was not cool to force a friendship when he is most certainly aware that she has feelings for him. A girlfriend of two years and he's making comments about someone else's smokin' hot lips? Hell, no! Never mind that he's right, break up with Bitchshandra, I mean, Cashandra, or get lost. Am I being vague with how I feel? Let me be clear: Johnny sucks right now.

I know, I'm calling names and getting all riled up. And that's exactly why this episode was so great. It made me care, it made me feel strongly about the state of things with regards to two girls and a guy in Brooklyn. Most significant, it made me care enough to be the most eager I've been to see what's coming next. A show can have all sorts of criticisms thrown at it, but when the audience can't wait to see what's next, none of that matters.

The Bad. That there wasn't more of it tonight? I have no idea what to say, I enjoyed it so much. Or maybe, the bad should have a picture of Johnny under it. He was, indeed, very naughty tonight.

Stray Observations

  • I would like another story-line with Caroline soon. She's really evolved to someone who can square off with Max's powerful character.
  • Cashandra is way too awesome. I hate girls like her. Give her a flaw for the rest of us common-folk.
  • I can't believe they bought Johnny's painting with money they earned from that most awkward of jobs. I was quite sad at the end total tally. It didn't even seem like Max got the catharsis she needed from breaking it.
  • I feel sorry for Chestnut, stuck in that backyard. I want an episode where they show he actually makes money for them, and gets to roam some free space.
  • Max can't be friends with Johnny. I hope this doesn't mean we won't see him again! Oh noes!
I enjoyed so many scenes from tonight that I'm calling this my favorite episode of the young season. Some of those moments can be found on our quotes page.


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I just love this show! i was excited when i saw the previews and the show really did deliver.


Love the show but forget the penis and vagina comments. Gross not funny.
The horse can go too.


i really look forward to this show now. The jokes in this one were good. and caroline is getting funnier the longer she lives with max.


I wasn't sure I was going to like this show, but I have really become a true fan. Its really funny and last nights ep was fabulous!


Best episode yet. A lot of smart jokes and not too many sex jokes. "This isn't Facebook" A musical about the French Revolution...from the pov of the rich" "Johnny Cash" and a bunch more. Yes, Caroline needs her own SL.


I loved the episode my favorite part was when cash said to max put a chocolate to the side for Johnny he loves chocolate he sometimes goes vanilla but always goes back to chocolate.my other favorite part was at the end when max said johnny and cash then they where like Johnny cash.


Great episode. Johnny acts like he's totally whipped by Cash - he's crazy about someone else but staying with the woman who put the pretty-much-innocent someone else in a humiliating position and then tormented her all night? Dude, you'll be good enough for Max when you've grown a spine (and a pair) and broken up with the bitch for good. In the meantime, Caroline has Max's back and she's proven herself to be more than up to the task. I do agree that she needs her own storyline: how about bringing back that friend of Johnny who has a crush on her? Or having her actually confront her jerk of an ex or her old fair-weather friends?


Marsha Thomason too perfect, YEAHHH !!


it was really good... i laughed when max said "this isn't Facebook" to johnny's "complicated" relationship haha

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Max: So what, is she still your girlfriend?
Johnny: Max it's complicated.
Max: What are we on Facebook?

When you fake smile, everybody else fake smiles back.