90210 Review: Lose Yourself

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They say running away never solves anything, but "Project Runaway" may have proved that old adage wrong.

Annie ran into Jeremy and managed to reach an agreement with him over the battle for Marla's inheritance. Or so she thought. Finding out that her having sold the necklace that Marla had given her would make her look like a gold digger, Annie attempted to get it back from the jeweler. But, apparently, someone had beat her to it. And had fed the jeweler the same line about it belonging to their dear old Grandma. That dastardly Jeremy! Or was it?

I think it was Liam. Annie may have brushed him off earlier but he's on a tear to be a good friend lately so who knows?

A Hairy Mess

Liam also came to the rescue of Naomi in that debacle of a CU fashion show. Holly may have one-uped Naomi by signing Liam as her model (not to mention stealing Naomi's entire line) but the way Liam thugged down the runway was priceless.

Can we just talk about how quickly the fashion show came together? It takes Project Runway a full season to get its act together. It took Naomi and company about seven minutes. And that's not just in TV time. I seriously think creating the costumes, planning the venue and glamorizing the guests took about as much time as it takes Tim Gunn to strap on those noose neckties of his.

And, of course, it was fabulous! Well, at least, Naomi was. The girl never fails to wow me with her costumes. And she definitely killed it with that white-Afroed, silver-shredded, belly-baring ensemble. She looked about 10 feet tall and worked that runway like a ho working the midnight stroll. Get it, girl!

Get it she did. She got the internship at Holly's mom's event planning company. The hottest Hollywood event planning company in existence to boot. Just when I thought Naomi and Holly had managed to set aside their differences and improve their relationship, something wicked this way comes. And her name is Mama.

Dixon managed to get the drug monkey off his back and actually produced a decent track. Thanks to Adrianna, of course, who provided the inspiration (and backing vocals) for that song he wowed the crowd with at the backstage party. For once, he didn't get on my last nerve. Wanna download all the 90210 music from this episode? You know where to go!

Navid flipped out when he learned Silver was moving on and dating again. Enough to put a halt to his 21 Jump Street ways. Confronting Cat about not wanting to do the undercover thing anymore, all I saw in that was a reason to hook those two up.

The best, however, was finally bidding adieu to Teddy. Running off to his happily ever after with Shane and finally finding himself was a perfect way to prove that wherever you go, there you are. And even though it was bittersweet, Teddy turned out to be the only one in the gang able to let go of the past and lose himself.


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And yes, nice shout-out to Vampire Suck there 90210.


I miss Liomi as much as I miss Lannie. Sad that teddy's gone for good but finally we got to see a very decent send-off (Something we didn't see from the exits of Tabitha, Ethan, Harry, Debbie and Ryan). Another plus episode for me this season.


An other solid episode in season 4!
The DixonAde opening scene was really sympathic. and they are a cute couple! BUT THE WHOLE STORY IS SO PUSHED OVER! Dixon's drug addiction story was even more badly done than his gambling addiction story! There was no desperation, no crazy moves! But in this episode I saw Tristan really act after a long time! And playing "fool" really gave the whole more emotion! First time I enjoyed Addixon.
Navid was damn boring as always and useless, hope he gets killed of or move to swiss!!
Liam's working scene as an Vampire on the beach great! Liam proved again he is a really treasure for the show! Can imagine him to Lolly even when I rather wanna see Lannie! I really miss Lannie! Talking about Annie! Where was Patrick!? I missed to see a little bit the pressure the realtionship was putting on Annie, the sneeking and pretending ! Hopefully Liam has the necklace, and let us Lannie we should've never stop!
I really can see NaomiClark as a fashion label! Not the clothes so much but the name is WORKING! Naomi working for Holly's mom is something really unexpected! And I'm glad Naomi is doing something not boy related!
Teddy being bitchy to Silver, gave him some edge! I really hope he steps by sometimes! The Liam/Teddy bromance is really enjoyable to watch, said it's over for now! Ivy's monolog to Teddy was really enjoyable and the volleyball scene Score!
Looking forward to Liam get crashed! But I can't imagine which girl will do it!? Maybe a drunk and desperate Ivy, or Annie!?


I have to agree with all those that are saying liam and naomi were totally full of unresolved sexual tension this episode.Even in their one scene!Keep them coming please!!!


Neat episode.An wow!!Liam and naomi sizzled more in their tiny 3 minute scene then any other couple on the whole episode.They are Hot!!!I wish they would reunite, annalynne and matt have way too much chemistry to just waste.


The opening scene between Adrianna and Dixon was quite frankly the best scene in the episode. Well, it was till Dixon's fellow rehab buddy destroyed it. I find them to be the best couple in 90210 history to be honest. The writers just need to ditch the rehab buddy. Ruined every other scene! Thank God for Adrianna. If even a video of her singing can help him in any situation such as relapsing with drugs. I really love these two.
Honestly. Annie. No words. I love her, but seriously, way to screw up your life. You should have never of sold that necklace in the first place if Marla meant anything to you in the beginning. Your own fault really.
Seriously, can Naomi ever get a chance? She got dumped on all throughout the episode, until she got an opportunity in the end, only to be dumped on again! I didn't put two-and-two together that her future boss would be Holly's mother, but once Holly said the word "mother" towards the end, I just knew it was coming. Naomi and Liam really went together this episode. I don't know if it was just me, but I saw a spark between them in this episode. Then again, I also saw one with Annie too. I wish the show would put one together and let it stick.
Go Silver! I'm glad you told Navid straight that he's no longer wanted and that you're seeing someone new. Kicking him out of the house was just the step further I needed to realize that Silver is actually a much more likable character without him.
As for Navid, I am bored more than ever every time I see him on TV. I have to leave the room when he's on. Also, why the hell is he still living in Kelly's backyard? About time Silver kicked him out. Please writers, waste of space, bring back Teddy!
Speaking of which, I'm surprisingly gonna miss him. Season two he was horrible. Season three he was actually interesting. Season 4 he was even better. So it's gonna be tragic to see him go.
Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. Not much to say. Although, I'm glad she spoke up and said what she said to Teddy at the beach. You go ivy! I can't wait for the midseason finale!


Dixon wasn't completely a waste of time. Silver wasn't boring. Navid's undercover SL is stalling and meandering. Thank god Teddy's gone. Annie wasn't completely a waste of time. Ade was a plot device. Naomi, of course, was awesome. Her first scene and calling off the feud were great scenes.


I'm gonna miss Teddy :(

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