90210 Review: The Hangover

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Anyone who has ever been to Vegas, or seen the movie The Hangover, knows that it's not the kind of place one can leave with a clean slate.

For the 90210 gang, we saw just how bad the fallout was from their Sin City trip in "A Thousand Words."

Publicly, Teddy got burned the worst, but he certainly wasn't the only one who was upset. The guy probably should've been more careful about letting Silver film something that was so personal to him. Everything becomes messier when political campaigns are involved. 

Teddy in Shock

Teddy wasn't the only victim in the leaked video scandal. He immediately blamed Shane when it wasn't even Shane's idea to get married in the first place. It just goes to show how little trust Teddy has in him. 

The best scene with Teddy was his joy ride with Liam. I thought that was going to end much worse than it did. A hurt ankle and bruised ego are nothing compared to what that could have been.

Then again, with this crowd, you can never be too careful. Silver was clearly too trusting of Marissa, who I keep wanting to call Brandy, by the way. I think it's safe to say that she has learned her lesson. Without Navid around this week, at least we got to see her story from a different angle.

I never thought I would say this... but I actually felt bad for Adrianna. Annie has been crapping all over the one person who was even helping Dixon to begin with. Then again, if I was whoring myself out to a dude twice my age, in order to pay for school and put my brother through rehab, I'd probably be a little pissy, too.

Just where the Hell are Deb and Harry during all of this? I know, I know, they were written out of the show - but they still exist in theory. Way to up and completely peace your kids in favor of your new significant others, guys. What happened to that tight knit mini-van riding Wilson family from Kansas?

I predict Dixon will get the help he needs in rehab and I also predict that Annie will not be able to keep up the paid escort charade for much longer. If her mood swings weren't indication enough that she was starting to crack, she could barely wait two seconds to break down after Patrick left.

Surprisingly there was very little Naomi this week. I suppose some people appreciated the break because this has, let's face it, become The Naomi Show. Raj definitely doesn't hold his tongue when expressing that sentiment! 

What did you all think? Will something happen with Ivy and her teacher in New Guinea? Will Teddy forgive Silver? Will Austin ever return? Sound off in the comments!


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liam save annie please she needs you


Then again, if I was whoring myself out to a dude twice my age, in order to pay for school and put my brother through rehab, I'd probably be a little pissy, too.
Leigh...you rock! Props for covering for me this week.


@mhaffy: Teddy and Liam hooking up would be the "jumping the shark" of TV for this show. However, it'd be an interesting storyline.


Nice episode!
Annie I loved that she stud up to Patrick! I really loved see her acting. Being neurotic and selfish really makes the show better! Ade and Annie saw them really connecting and nearing as friends again. But she must do for her family what a person must do. And I get it she want to handle things on her own without her parents but whoring isn't the way.
Liam getting screwed over was real nice and I enjoyed him getting pissed of. The manager bitch told him nice, U must grew up!
Naomi and Alana! LOL loved the scenes! Sarah Hagan is amazing hope she gets series regular status! Naomi being the big sis eventually felt real good to watch.
Dixon is being really lame. being a retarded brother is stupid, the show is really ruining his character, he and silver had the worst development since season 1. i love to see him and ade together, but i hate him being such a spoiled little brat!
I see them finding more and more the balance between being adult and still mess up as kids.
P.S. Don't know what to think about Raj surviving?


I honestly thought the racecar scene was going to end badly as well. I actually was getting flashbacks from OTH when Nathan got hurt. One more thing, I didn't even notice Navid's absence. That's kind of a plus for me.


possible liam and teddy???? interesting!


I quite frankly enjoyed this episode. It was still packed with drama.
Naomi was also a wonderful character as always. It sucks that she was zoned out this episode, but least it made way for the other characters. Hopefully we see more Naomi next week.
As for Silver, she was such a much better character this episode! Her and Navid apart really are the way this show could go. Especially since Navid was out this episode completely. Replace this actor and leave teddy on screen? After all, the actor doesn't even believe this show will make it past season 5. Ungrateful much?
Speaking of Teddy, I felt bad for him in this episode overall. Lost love, his bestfriend AND the whole world knows about his sexuality. Could this mean that his career as a tennis player is gone too? As for the actor, I could swear that he's been in more than 5 episodes in this season. Was his contract extended?
As for Ivy, I don't know why, but I still find her so boring. The thought of Raj dying made her character better, as she could have broken down any second. Turns out, they're stuck together now. Possible affair with her teacher? I like!
Liam, I wasn't really interested in your storyline. Boo-hoo. You can't do stuff. Honestly, it's why you read a contract before you sign it. You brought this on yourself. Next time, be smart.
I admired Dixon standing up for Adrianna and choose her over Annie, again! I was coming to the conclusion that Adrianna wasn't gonna be in it after the 15 minute mark, but there she was - at the bar! Thank God for that. I can't imagine an episode without Adrianna. She's really becoming the main reason to watch the show now. I can't wait for Addixon to hit screens. Although, I was quite annoyed at the fact she thought Dixon was on drugs, because he defended Adrianna to Annie. Honestly, I'd rather trust an ex-junkie than a whore. Just sayin'. Either way, I hope Addixon is on screen together and happy by mid-seasons end.
Speaking of which, Annie, get a grip on yourself. You lost all your dignity when you became an escort altogether. Stop pretending you feel horrible for taking $10,000 for sleeping with a guy. Seriously. It's pathetic.
Side note: Does anyone else find it strange that Silver, Teddy and Shane were drinking (alcohol) at a bar when they're only 18/19? Isn't it a little risky, considering Liam just opened the bar and that could possibly strip him of his liquor license?


The best thing about this episode was that Navid wasn't in it. Quite frankly, I think Silver's been a lot more tolerable since Nilver broke up two weeks ago.


Austin's back in the next episode unfortunately.


Annie only has ironic humour value. I felt more for Naomi being lonely and ONLY hot than I do for Annie crying cause she's a whore. Naomi's speech to Stanley was great. Teddy and Liam running off and racing was fun and I expected a crash. Maybe Silver will be more understanding of Navid now.

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