90210 Review: What Happens In Vegas Won't Stay In Vegas

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Sin City never seemed as chaotic as when the Beverly Hills gang made its way on to the Strip. But was "Vegas, Maybe?" the cause of so much havoc in everyone's lives this week? Or was it the usual drama?

Naomi tried to get closer to all-of-a-sudden boyfriend Austin. Trying to figure out why Austin was acting so hinky, she got a rude awakening when she met his dbag of a dad, Judd Ridge (aka Billy Ray Cyrus). I've never cared for Billy Ray, but I actually liked him in this role. Arrogant and bloated, it suited him. And we finally got to see from where Austin got his smug cockiness. As far Austin, it was refreshing to see him showing some vulnerability for once. Nothing like having daddy issues.

Shane and Teddy

Poor Naomi, always trying to save the day and getting her tail caught in the door. Her Marilyn imitation was horrific, but at least she managed to impress pervy dad. Or so we thought. Not that it mattered in the end because Austin jumped down her throat about coming to his rescue.

Liam discovered the perks of being a celebrity when he met Vinny Guadagnino by the pool. Can someone please tell me what the appeal of that Jersey lizard king is? Liam had no issue with him, though, and got caught up in the good life. Until it wasn't that good anymore. Losing $80K at the poker tournament, panic set in until he managed to get it together and won some of his money back. Lesson learned. Stick with your little bar, leave the gambling to the sharks.

Dixon faced his old gambling demons successfully but that was easy to do when his new drug addiction was the one in control this time around. I laughed out loud when he was sweating bullets and started feeling claustrophobic while stuck in the private poker party with Liam. Really, Dixon? What more can you develop this season? An eating disorder? Are you going to start stalking Adrianna once she's done getting you clean?

Annie found out her whore-mongering boyfriend, Patrick was, well... a whore-mongerer. Surprise! Like no one saw THAT coming. But since Dixon came clean to her about his ADHD addiction in order to save Adrianna, Annie was now determined to save her brother and place him in rehab. But how? Use Patrick for the funds! Finally, the girl got some brains in her.

Annie really should've saved her anger for Patrick instead of wailing on Adrianna. Poor Ade. Another one trying to redeem herself and just getting the short end of the stick.

Navid continued to play undercover and tried to bring down Uncle Amal by delivering his mystery package. Socks. Was that just a feeble attempt to hook up the cute cop with him?

And is anyone as annoyed by bug-eyed Marissa as I am? Is that woman in love with Silver or what? Please, go away.

Teddy and Shane made this episode all worthwhile. Not only were they an incredibly cute couple that happened to be very easy on the eyes, but that faux wedding was actually beautiful. Teddy may have been wavering (again) about the whole gay future thing but seeing all his friends around him and hearing Shane's vows convinced him he was right where he had to be.

Until next week, that is.


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Best part of the episode was the Annie/Adriana showdown. Its so bizarre that even though all of these characters hate Adriana we never once saw any interaction between them, just Adriana and Silver confrontations. So even though I think Annie was wrong in the fight, it was good to see another person actually call her out for once. But i loved what Adriana said to Annie, she is right and for once I actually liked Adriana in an episode. Now I just need Adriana and Naomi to confront each other, they were supposed to be best friends! I wanna see some interaction.


I'm having a hard time watching Tiffany Hines as a cop, I think she has no credibility playing and LAPD detective, specially when it seems that she is working alone on this huge case!


Was it just me, or was it a kind of a let down episode? I expected Vegas CRaZYNESS, but it wasn't really all that crazy... Naomi and Austin was BOOORING! Honestly, these two should just stick to what they know best: rip eachothers clothes off and NOT talk! I get that the writers are trying to create some depth in Austin but because of the poor actor, it just doesn't really work... The Gay wedding was ok. Annie was just TOO stupid NOT to see through her "boyfriend" -try "client" and even though I don't rule for Ade and Dixie, Adrianna was right: Annie hasn't been there for her brother (AND the other way around) for a long time -I often forget that these two were introduced as siblings because of how little interaction there actually is between them.
The good things about the episode was: Liam adjusting to his newfound fame, seeing all the guys hanging again, Amal having laid out a test for Navid (totally called that one btw + it makes him more intelligent nd therefore a better villian) I also liked Navid and hot cop getting it ON -anything to DESTROY Nilver forever and I'm IN!


i don't get why people love thay Vinni guy (whatever his name is). His acting is kinda bad to me.


Navid and Silver have had what? 4 breaks ups already? 2 in this season which has only spanned 8 episodes and they've done it in 7. Honestly. They serve no chemistry other than their passion for film. I don't think I've seen a couple have such a short span of being together and breaking up. I'm pretty sure that Naomi and Ethan, as well as Naomi and Liam last much longer than them with less break ups. Why bother keeping them together? Just do us fans a favour and end it!


First off I love the LV trip idea!
Teddy and Shane have such great chemistry, I really enjoyed watching them! The Elivis priest NICE TOUCH ! ! !
SIlver as a working girl :( isn't fun at all! Marissa is really not fun and doesn't fit as the adult on the show!
Liam being famous really works for the show! But losing so much money wasn't realistic at all!
Naomi and Austin! I love Naomi being compulsive psychotic about Austin it is really cute!! Naomi singing HILARIOUS! But Daddy Cyrus was a real ass and I think Naomi connected more to him cause of her parent situation!
Dixon and his "gambling problem" was really nice reminder ! Dixon finally started to act and U could see some emotions! But the after-drug sex part!
Ivy and Ade being BFF's talking and everything really nice!
Annie OH u stupid girl! Was really sad to see her tiny heart got broken! But she got her ass kicked by bitchy Ade! First time in a long time I LIKED ADE! And become a dirty brother whore is a nice twist! But I think that won't end well! Possibly Annie will get blue-ish!
Navid getting something on the sexy side really nice! I love Tiffany and there was something more in that kiss! I saw a lot more earlier that the package was a fake!
Nice ep really good the best of the season for sure! Hope they cpntinue this way!


i didn't like this episode that much...but i do feel bad for adrianna but not much because i love annie..i hope nilver never get back together..i hate navid i hope he gets killed or something enough with this double agent thing his doing..naomi was as usual funny as ever.. and teddy i really loved his friendship with silver i think its good that he has someone whom he can share his worries and apprehensions...


Man it's about damn time they shot some action Dixon's way. Him and adrianna together is actually a good look. It's going to be interesting to see where they take this. Being in a relationship is all about longevity, so we shall see if there is any with these two.


Naomi was the best part of the episode of course. Writers: let's give Annie more and more ridiculous storylines! Why didn't Liam stop after losing 10k? He gave an addict a 100$ poker chip! What an ass! Dixon should never go to Vegas LOL!. Ivy and Ade actually hang out? Silver and Navid are more entertaining apart. Loved Navuid's line about his wire being discovered because he watched The Wire. Never liked gay Teddy storyline. Why couldn't he be bi and date Silver again?


Another good episode although it's sad Ivy wasn't able to hang around with her friends. Plus this week's soundtrack is such an eargasm. What's the legal age for people to enter inside a casino that has a bar and restaurant and booze? hehehe

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