Ahead on How I Met Your Mother: Babies and Brides!

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It will be a very eventful spring on How I Met Your Mother.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine's William Keck, producer Carter Bays reveals a few major spoilers, two of which are scheduled for May Sweeps. Stop reading now if you wish to be surprised, but continue below if you want to learn that...

All Suited Up

... Robin and Kevin will "take some big steps."

... Chris Elliott will return for multiple episodes as Lily's dad.

... Marshall and Lily will welcome their first child.

... another flash forward will take us to Barney's wedding, where "we will follow Ted to the bride's dressing room and meet her."

Bays also recently expounded on Robin's pregnancy and what it might mean for various characters. Read through that scoop NOW.


I hope barney will marry robin, but why should they get married? why should barney do that? I doubt he'll love a woman as much as he loves robin. So it has to be her. or maybe he suddenly decides not to marry & gets back together with robin. But I have heard that the atcor who portrays Kevin won't be till the end of the season, so why should it be them, taking 'some big steps'? Oh no, please noot another kevin robin story. I am so tried of this guy -,-

Reese williams

i'm annoyed at them going back and forth to the Wedding only to tease us with more details. First the wedding where Ted's the best man, then in the finale we find out the groom is Barney then in the premiere this season we ALMOST find out the bride but we WILL find that out in THIS season finale? I love this show a fuck load, but this is the exact definition of stretching out storylines. Hope they do all this justice.


@Quina Go on E! Online. They're casting a son and daughter for Robin. I'm not sure where exactly the article is (it is under Watch with Kristen) but if you scale back it's there :P


Amygirl how do you know robins first born is blond can u give me a link where thats said & natalie natalie what could ted learn from theyr wedding what did victoria say All i want is robn and barney to get married


If it's Kevin's I will FREAK OUT! I would rather keep the blonde girl on Hawaii Five-0 then keep kevin on this show. Both of whom I HATE


Look, Kevin isn't the baby daddy. Robin's firstborn is blond. Kevin is paki/indian. Do you think he's capable of producing a blond child? Nope. Simple logic :)


how about u shut the fuck up and watch the show


I really want to Robin and Barney get married.


I think Robin and Barney will get married, and Ted learn new things from their wedding day. Like Victoria said in episode "Ducky Tie"


please dont say robin n kevin wanna get married.

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