American Horror Story Spoilers for "Spooky Little Girl"

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American Horror Story airs an episode tonight that features appearances by the show's version of The Black Dahlia and The Pope. Is that somehow not enough to pique your interest?

Consider these teases for what's to come:

  • Ben learns a harrowing fact about Vivien's pregnancy.
  • Someone makes a proposal of marriage.
  • Hayden's sister shows up again.
  • There's some major basement sex.
  • Also: a murder.

Visit TV Fanatic the moment "Spooky Little Girl" ends for my detailed review of the episode.

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Hi -- I don't have cable, so I only just now finished watching the first season of American Horror Story ("Murder House"). I loved it, and felt most storylines were wrapped up well, but the one thing I was always trying to figure out was: why was Moira (sp?) the only ghost who seemed to have aged? And why appear as her younger self to the men?
I'm trying to find some blogs or fansites to explore this and discovered your site. Thanks for any light you can shed!

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