Blue Bloods Review: Who Will Miss Thanksgiving?

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Blue Bloods gave us a heartfelt "Thanksgiving" episode that included terror threats, art thieves, murder, and gambling debts. But at least they said grace at the end.

Nothing ever goes easy for the Reagan family but at least they band together through it all.

Henry's Favorite Holiday.  Henry was darn lucky Linda was there to save his life or he certainly would have missed this one. Henry liked Thanksgiving best because he didn't have to worry about presents, just family and good food. He may have a point there but I still enjoy the gifts.

Frank and Linda

Thanksgiving Terror Alert.  Henry's heart attack was probably the only thing that could have dragged Frank away from his hourly meetings with the nervous mayor over the ongoing terror threats.  I can only imagine how many of those the city of New York must get regularly, never mind during a holiday event like the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Honestly, I really don't think I want to know.

Frank of course was steady as a rock for both his family and the new mayor. Frank's lost a wife, a mother, and a son and yet he still stands strong when tragedy strikes as though he knows no other way.

Renzulli's a gambler.  Well, damn. That could pose a serious problem for a cop. I was surprised he confided in Jamie but not by how Jamie handled it. Since he didn't have the money himself, he went to his Dad which led to an interesting twist.

Even though Jamie didn't mention any names, Frank's been a cop too long to not figure it out. I loved the sit down he had with Renzulli where he diplomatically but firmly let the man know that this was his one and only second chance. Then he managed to wish him a happy Thanksgiving that still sounded completely sincere.

Erin and the art thief.  Poor Erin finally found a nice guy who wasn't a part of law enforcement. Unfortunately for her, he turned out to be a thief. He might have a Robin Hood complex but that won't stop the NYPD from arresting him once they have enough evidence. 

Erin needs to drop this guy before she gets in too deep to save her heart or her career.

I couldn't say I was all that interested in the murder of the week other than Kurt's parents were really annoying. It was fun seeing them arrested for obstruction of justice and hauled out of their fancy holiday dinner.

The Thanksgiving Day dinner at the hospital was very sweet but in reality I'm sure Henry wouldn't be allowed to eat any of it after bypass surgery. Still, it would have been a disappointment to go an entire episode without a Reagan family dinner. On Thanksgiving, that could actually be considered a crime.


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Henry had an angioplasty, not bypass - and no,he wouldn't be eating the dinner but as the former PC and his son the current PC, they probably made allowances for the family to have their dinner there - a stretch, but this IS TV! Nice story, no real violence and good family fare - a respite for the holiday viewing....


I was entertained though the case was boring.


This has become my favorite show. I have watched it for so long that now I feel as though I know the people. The Thanksgiving show was very moving and I loved the prayer that the grandfather gave. I would like to say the same at my table but I can't remember it! Oh, and guess what no sex, no swearing, no crap. Yeah! What a relief they shove so much of that stuff down your throat these days it would make a nymphomaniac turn celibate.


Man Tom Selleck is good on this show. The cast is awesome...but he's amazing and is perfect as the commish. Tom's the man.


First off: was anyone else really hungry for some turkey once the credits started to roll? I like the few arcs we're seeing with this series:
1) Jamie occasionally has to go undercover to try and get a mob boss charged
2) Jamie's partner Renzulli has a gambling problem. *Guaranteed* it's not fixed with the one time input of Frank's cash.
3) Erin's pseudo-boyfriend is a noble art thief (though he would probably call himself an "art restorer")
4) Henry needs to take better care of himself but likely won't (my guess is that he'll be the first character to leave the show. I mean after former Mayor Russo lost his job. Have we seen the end of him?)
5) Mayor Poole and Frank look like they're about to become fast friends. I agree that this episode was a little sweet for the taste, but....I think it's a huge setup for the rest of the season, which will be fraught with problems. Oh and one other thing about the sweetness: the family dynamic rings true with the Reagans. The viewer ends up caring about them all, and wanting the best for them. Which means the series was not only well-written, it was well directed and definitely well-acted. Which is why it's in my top five.


Warning --if you have diabetes, you will want to avoid this episode, entirely too saccharine. Everyone was so darn noble, it made me want to do something mean. One observation I have: No way the mayor of NYC would permit the police commissioner to outshine him while serving the turkey dinner.


Didn't notice they were in the cafeteria, but still I would have felt awfully self-conscious about eating my turkey dinner in front of people who had to work Thanksgiving and had to buy their meal out of a machine.


Walter...they were in the cafeteria.


He didn't have bypass. He had angioplasty. Huge difference and one of the reasons he was moving around so well after 24 hours.


Tom Selleck gets better with age. Danny and Jackie were lucky the boy friend confessed, otherwise all they had was he was in the apartment. Hard to prove manslaughter. Didn't really care for the ending. I know being the Commish gives you the clout to do it, but having a full course family Thanksgiving dinner in the waiting room of a hospital is a bit much. What about the other people sitting there worrying about their loved ones?

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