Body of Proof Review: House of Horrors

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A strange death that had the markings of a Twilight convention turned out to be far scarier as "Love Bites" had me looking under the bed for baby snakes.

When the body was found without blood, I kept expecting to find a vampire twist in this episode. Maybe a blood fetish cult, perhaps, but I would never had guessed that venom from a baby viper could possibly cause that type of carnage.

Body of Proof Crew

I'll give Body of Proof credit, that crime scene was frightening and they didn't have to show a drop of blood, just the blue glow of where it once was. Add to that the scratches on the wall paper and the imagination filled in the blanks that made for a horrifying death.

Thankfully we got a few moments of humor thrown in. I loved the large, male security guard named Sue. Being a Johnny Cash fan I couldn't help but laugh.

Bud's conundrum over what to name his unborn child was cute. It's true, you could name your child almost anything these days. The choices are overwhelming but the child will live with your decision for the rest of it's life. Poor Bud could chase down murderers but the thought of naming his child made him sweat.

Thank goodness Kate finally broke up with Todd. I've never liked the guy. She could do better and it said a lot about her character that she apologized to Megan for not thinking through the consequences of dating her colleague's ex.

What was up with the attorney that Megan's mother had in her chambers when Megan stormed in? If I had to guess, I'd say this isn't the last we'll see of him but does that mean the FBI agent love interest is gone? I wouldn't complain if it did. I didn't think that storyline was heading anywhere.

The Lacy story was a bit boring as Joan took over for her granddaughter. However I did like that she told off all of the grown ups in Lacy's life and not just Megan. Maybe someday we'll get to see Lacy's newly designed room.

Overall this was one of the better murders of the season. It kept me guessing and freaked me out all at the same time.

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Seeing Peter with that young girl makes me completely ill, and it has nothing to do with their age difference. First of all, there was never any chemistry or lead-up between the two, but more importantly, the girl's character is so stereotypical and unrealistic that it is an insult to the thoughtful, complicated personalities of the other characters--and an insult to an otherwise intelligent series.


I can't get over Megan's mother. She had her when she was 10? Totally unbelievable.


the show seems ok, but produceing skills are lame. notice how quickly each person is wearing a blue glove at and and every crime scene? well, look how the so-called "now dirty" gloves that have touched up every dead body still are on the hands of all of the investigators...when they answer their cell, when they are driving, when the women investigators pick up their handbags or touch their faces! yuck, who the hell really does that with some nasty gloves you used whie fiddling up a dead bidy??? Producers needs to work harder at making the show the reel deal and not a remake of all the other similar drama series that are currently on the air


I'm thinking that Peter and Megan need to get together. They would be soooo sweet. I mean, the way he has given her advice about Lacey is just awesome.


This is one of my favorite shows. Not only because of the unusual cases it presents each week. I truly enjoy the interactions between characters mainly because of the gossipy nature of those interactions. Especially those between Curtis and Ethan. Curtis rarely needs to say anything. It's plain to see what's on his mind based upon his facial expressions. He's a rare type of actor that can make me laugh without saying anything. The same goes for Samantha and Bud's scenes.


It was a decent episode, but the shoes pale in comparison to the seamed stockings in the final scene. Did she wear that to work?!!?

Anne gaskill forrester

Really enjoy "Body of Proof", especially the humorous byplay and Megan's shoes. :-)

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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Megan: Mom, you're here to help me pick out a color.
Joan: I think I should introduce you to my interior designer.

Bud: What would have happened if she was crabby and whiny?
Megan: I would have called her Bud.