Bones Promo: It's My Corpse in a Box!

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If you thought last night couldn't be topped (see our Bones review), Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan and Co. accept your challenge. Dismembered remains in several mailing boxes? Coming right up!

When Bones returns in two weeks (Thurs., Dec. 1), the Jeffersonian team identifies the victim as an employee of a local Ship 'n' Print, where the staff recently split the winnings of a lottery prize.

The team uncovers a complicated love triangle between two married employees and the victim, and while motive points to the husband, a critical clue leads them to solve the crime definitively.

Meanwhile, Booth's grandfather (Ralph Waite, also Gibbs' father on NCIS) breaks some unexpected news, and Special Agent Genny Shaw (Tina Majorino) learns the importance of teamwork.

Check out the promo for the amusingly-titled "The Male in the Mail" below:

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bones is the bomb ,especially this new season,a million praises for booth and brennan


*'in your pants' I mean!


'You see, they're like fingerprints... in you ass!' haha :)


Ass bones in deed!!!
Can it be next Thursday already?
and i didn't see Agent Shaw in that promo....

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