Burn Notice Review: No Thinking Required

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After a strong midseason premiere, this week’s Burn Notice only waded ankle deep in plot. I never felt immersed in the story.

I went into "Breaking Point" with no knowledge of Ricky, given that I have been watching the show for just over three years, I was not around for his season two visit.

Fiona on Watch

As a first-time introduction to the character, I found him to be a very week client, certainly not one of the best Michael has had. Beyond that, the “Mr. Turner" persona that Michael adopted came across like he was Thurston Howell III from Gilligan’s Island. All he need was to end a sentence with “my boy” and he would have nailed it.

The target bad guy was not much better. Dion was a laughable and stereotypical villain, as evidenced when has his crew broke out champagne because a deal went his way. Of course, his overt threatening wasn’t scary it was sad and pathetic. He made me miss Xavier from last week, with his suave, cool-and-quiet, threatening and penetrating eyes. 

Meanwhile, in our ongoing story with Anson, we got sometime watching Fiona and Sam as they were following him around, trying to figure out where he lives. Hey Fi, Sam I’ll give you a free hint: his home might be where he will go at night to sleep.

Honestly, they followed him to the one residential address and stopped after that? What if he was there for a little “afternoon delight?" Shame on you both! You know better than that.

Of course, Anson seems to have left his brains out as well, given that he allowed Michael to call a meeting with him twice for no solid reason. Isn't Anson the sort of guy to insist on always setting up the meets?

That said, at least the team is starting to work towards taking down Anson. We need some action from these spies, not just some reaction.

Finally, if you watched Burn Notice during season two, I'm curious: did you get more out of Ricky's return than I did?


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@ Blake....phew! Remind me never to ask you an open ended question that has negative connotations. :) @ Jim .... don't be hating on Blake b/c you asked the question. The funny for me is that I guessed what your macroview would be (i.e. you didn't like the episode) because we seem to have 180 degree divergent opinions on every show! After a WEAK premiere (sorry couldn't resist) this episode was a bounce back that included refreshing elements from previous episodes. For example this was the first time since Identity that Mike tells someone to get out of town because he has failed, only to have the client force the issue into successful resolution. And the return of the Mr. Turner persona last seen when Jesse was first introduced in S4 was fabulous. I love how Mike plays stupid for the more stupid bad guys. As for Anson, I love Fi being proactive by going on the offensive and the college kid angle was genius/hilarious. The best part was that the team only got his means of communicating and nothing else (i.e inching forward as usual). Well the Anson storyline has only 4 more episodes so let's hope for a strong finish....


A very bad Reviews so many spelling and garmmer mistake


Reviewers are supposed to judge an episode by it's on merits, and not feel compelled to treat each episode as sunshine and rainbows to satisfy the likes of people like you. And let's face it. Not episode of Burn Notice is perfect or even good. This isn't Game of Thrones or Homeland we're talking about here. This is a popcorn USA dramedy with the distinction of being only slightly ahead of the rest of the pack. Nothing more.


That review pretty much sucked... I mean, did your girlfriend break up with you yesterday? Or did you lose a lot of your money in a late-night poker game? Because the words in that review are very clearly coming from a negative / angry person... I mean, did you seriously write, "Hey Fi, Sam I’ give you a free hint - his home might be where he will go at night to sleep"? You did your absolute best to see things in a negative light, and as such, many of the things you said were wrong. Such as: "Honestly, they followed him to the one residential address and stopped following?" YES they stopped following because they were looking for his home and he stopped at a residential address (kind of self-explanatory, don't you think?). The reason they stopped following was because Anson ran all of his errands, then drove in circles for a while to spot tails, then parked his car away from the building, and went inside. Why the hell would he take such precautions to go to a slut's house when he didn't take those precautions at the other random places he went? And then you're trying to find a problem with Anson meeting Michael; saying he "left his brains at home" (a phrase which, again, shows your frame of mind); but you're absolutely wrong about that. Anson's flaw is over-confidence; in real life, people like Anson have only 2 flaws: the most serious is their desire to talk (something that exists for a few reasons, but typically they like talking to show ppl how intelligent they are), and the less serious flaw is over-confidence (the more intelligent the person is, the more likely they are to keep their confidence in check, but it's still a flaw). I'm surprised Burn Notice nailed Anson's behavior, most people overlook the "talking flaw" . Bottom line: Anson is definitely going to meet Michael if Michael calls and asks to meet; he likes showing Michael how intelligent he is (he likes talking to Michael) and he is definitely a bit over-confident. So again, what you said was wrong; you were intentionally trying to find something to be negative about. I was going to exclude the example of you attacking Dion, but you said, "Dion was a laughable and stereotypical bad guy". The latter might be true, but calling him laughable is just more evidence of your frame of mind. Dion was very realistic; and I don't think he was totally stereotypical solely because they didn't make him smart, they made him a loser from the ghetto who wanted money and killed his former boss for that money. But it's okay for you to state your opinion about him being stereotypical and about you not liking him, but it's extremely easy to tell the details that were added due to your bad day. So, the overall lesson: it's a bad idea to write reviews when you have bad things going on in your personal life; it's better to wait until you're back to normal.

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