Burn Notice Review: Who Died?

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If we learned nothing else from "Necessary Evil," it was that you should never open a package sent to you from a psychopathic killer no matter how harmless he makes it sound.

Rest is peace, Benny, I'm sad that Anson decided to have you rest in pieces. Sorry, too soon?

I would like to say we will miss Benny, but the truth is we didn’t know him. He was only in one other episode and that's just not enough time to get attached. 

Sam, Jesse and Michael

I feel like Benny was a missed opportunity for some great story telling. Matt Nix and his team could have been showing us Madeline and Benny getting cozy and closer and completely playing up the “nice guy” to get us attached. Sadly, this didn't take place.

It’s a shame, too, as the “reluctant bad guy” is something we all have gotten very familiar with lately via the rotten things Anson has Michael doing for him. I’m sure we would have sided with Benny even more than we did the way things unfolded had we gotten a chance to know him. 

However, you can certainly see where Michael gets his emotional strength. Madeline was able to honor her word of finding the truth and planting the bug just as she said she would. I don't know many people who could have done that. 

Speaking of Madeline, have you noticed that she is not smoking anymore? They showed her with a cigarette just before she went to the police station with Jesse, but  I don't remember seeing her smoking at all since then. I’m not sure if it’s a story decision, a Sharon Gless decision or just an oversight. 

Did anyone else catch Pearce’s smile at Michael at the end of the episode? I’m crossing my fingers that this means she is beginning to forgive him fully. I still think she and Jesse would make a cute couple. Sadly, I don’t think anyone writing the show agrees with me. 

Finally ,there is no episode next week due to Thanksgiving. So I will see you all in two weeks for the home stretch of the final three episodes for the season.

Which makes me wonder, do you think we will see the final resolution with Anson in just three episodes? If so, how do you see it going down?


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Benny did wrong, but I was sorry to see him die.


its quite an impressing one I personally fancy it


I find it hard to believe that the CIA are going to just employ two burned spies and a dishonorably discharged NAVY seal to do very important missions. Don't they have their own people for this? Whatever. Ever since Michael started working "unofficially" for the CIA, the plot has become very convoluted. Here's to hoping the writers wake up and move this plot forward in a logical manner.


Good episode. I liked Pearce's smile. Pearce and Jesse would make a good couple. They're doing less and less jobs. I hadn't noticed Maddy isn't smoking much. 3 episodes isn't enough to wrap up Anson's SL.


Well, I was a bit glad that they focused more on the client. This baddie is definitely one of their most vicious ones. Thankfully a change from the puny thing from the last episode.
Props to Maddie for her part in Anson's matter, and hate to admit that I KNEW it was a bomb when Michael said, "Package?" Even I feel as if Benny should have been involved in the plot more, maybe we'd all have been emotionally disturbed then. I feel bad for Madeline, but not completely for Benny, since he agreed to work with Anson, whose appearance was missed today.
The client wasn't too impressive to me. There hardly are any unique clients, but I liked this episode very much.


Im looking forward to what they plan on doing with Anson Fullerton is it true that the next season is the last


I think this was a great episode. In particular a person intentionally burning his own hand was intense! Once again Madeleine steals the show! I guess that she has learned her lesson when Mike says "trust me". My guess is that the anson arc gets partially resolved in that mike forces a temporary standoff by getting something on him (think Brennan).

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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Jesse: So they want you to go in?
Michael: Not me, you guys.
Jesse: Ok, kind of buried the lead there Michael.

Fiona: Michael, you already destroyed CIA records; how far are you willing to go for this?
Michael: All the way.