Castle Recasts NYC Mayor, Expands Role

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A new mayor is about to take office on Castle.

TV Line reports that Derek Webster (Mental, Damages, Harry's Law) will take over the character of NYC's top politician, Robert Weldon, a role portrayed by Joseph C. Phillips during a pair of season one episodes.

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Look for Weldon to take on more of an active role in early 2012, though exactly in what way is unclear. But it will likely center around the mayor's long-time friendship with a certain sarcastic author, along with an upcoming scandal that may bring down Weldon's career.

Castle is off tonight, but returns with a new, intriguing episode next Monday. View its official preview NOW.


Castle has called the mayor "Big Cheese" and "Mr. Big." Other characters have predicted that he's so big, "you'll never touch him". But they underestimated Caskett. The will whittle him down to size. If there's any justice in their world. And there is!

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