Castle Round Table: "Cops & Robbers"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Castle Round Table!

Following a tense hostage negotiation, our panel of Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are here to analyze happenings from "Cops & Robbers," dissecting memorable scenes and making bold predictions. Pull up a chair now and play along...


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Beckett threatening Trapper John that she would personally walk into the bank and put a bullet in him if he shot Castle. She may not be able to tell Castle how she feels, but she certainly has no trouble showing it to someone threatening him.

Courtney: Beckett stole the show for me. She was bad ass on the phone with Trapper John letting him know she will shoot him if he hurts Castle. But what I loved even more was her dressing as the paramedic and coming into the bank. Her speech to "Sal" that was really to Castle, plus the quick hand holding. Loved it!

Chandel: Those ten to fifteen seconds after Beckett finds Castle and the rest of the hostages after the explosion. That moment when she gently grabs the lapel of his suit jacket and just smiles at him like he's the only man in the world... and then Martha politely reminds Beckett that there are other hostages. I thought it was sweet, genuine, and of course, a little humorous there at the end.

Christine: There were so many, how do I choose? Loved that we got so much Martha in this episode and the Esposito and Ryan scenes were great (Castle Junior! ) but think Kate telling the guy she'd put a bullet in his skull if he hurt Castle was tops for me. Yeah, she's a hell cat alright.

Castle RT - depreciated -

When Kate tells Alexis that Castle and Martha are going to be okay, Alexis says "They better."  Is Alexis angry with Kate?
Jim: I really saw it more of being angry that both were stuck in the situation. Kate was making a promise that she was not in control to keep. Thankfully, her promise was kept!

Courtney: I don't think she was angry, she was just worried about the situation. I mean, I'm pretty sure that is how all of us would act given the situation. Alexis knows she can count on Kate and that she will do anything to protect her father.

Chandel: I think she's mad at the situation that Castle and Martha have managed to get into. As she states, they're all she's got. So think she was more expressing distress at the thought of losing them both than really being angry with Kate. What could Kate have possibly done to prevent the situation from happening for which Alexis could rightly blame her? Absolutely nothing.

Christine: I don't necessarily think Beckett is Alexis' favorite person, especially since the shooting. As much as she likes her, and Kate had nothing to do with this, I think a part of her blames Kate for her Dad always being in harms way. Like she said, he and Martha are all she's got.

Why do you think Castle corrected the bank robber that Kate wasn't his girlfriend?
Jim: Plausible deniability. He wanted to be able to say "I corrected him, I don't know why he kept saying that." At least that's what I'm choosing to believe.

Courtney: He corrected the robber because its the truth, Beckett isn't his girlfriend as much as we all wish she was. Neither of them can deny the connection, but officially they are not together. It might have made the situation worse if Castle didn't correct the robber. This could have given the robber the idea he has more leverage, having the cops boyfriend as a hostage. Castle could have been just easing up the situation, making the robber think he doesn't have that big of a connection to the cops outside the building.

Chandel: One, it's a valid distinction to make, they are not officially together. Two, strategically it made him a worthless bargaining chip if there was no emotional stake that would force Beckett to act out of emotion as opposed to rationality, regardless of the reality. Castle only had to convince the robber of that not necessarily himself.

Christine: One of the things I love about the character is that he's generally very honest. It also made sense to want the bank robber to know they can't use that type of connection. But I also think Castle has to hold himself in check a bit. He loves her but she isn't his, yet.

What has been your favorite life saving moment between Castle or Beckett?
Jim: Last season's finale where he said he loved her! By far best save ever!

Courtney: Explosion in Beckett's kitchen as she hides in the bathtub. Castle was the first to figure it out and get to her. No doubt about it, hands down, best save ever!

Chandel: If last season's finale and "I love you, Kate" counts as a save, then I'm going to have to go with that one - hands down! Go, Castle, Go!

Christine: Again, so many wonderful scenes going all the way back to season one but for me it was Rick dragging Kate out of the airport hangar in last year's finale. He saved her life but left Montgomery to die in the process and it left them both devastated. It showed a raw emotion that we'd never seen before.


I don't see Castle saving Beckett when she's shot. If he's been in time he's have taken the bullet. She's shot, then he gets to her and keeps her from maybe getting shot again. In my opinion, the best save so far is a close call between yanking all the wires out of the bomb and when Castle jumps unarmed onto a trained assassin, Lockwood, just as he's about to shoot Beckett.
I tend to go with taking down Lockwood as the best because it was a considered act of courage and selflessness. Hee put himself on the line to save Kate. Jumping a trained assassin the outcome is far from certain.
Disarming the bomb was more of an act of reflex than anything else - pretty much pure luck that saved them both and a piece of NYC.
I noted that Kate never denied Castle was her boyfriend.
The best lines, hands down, "I don't look, I hunt. Trust me, you don't want that." And the line that included "I will personally put a bullet through your skull".
I thought Stana gave a performance of unparalled magnificance. She and Fillion have a superb on-screen chemistry, and they are both incredibly gifted, but her performance in this episode was the best to date by far. This acress is way overdue for an Emmy or something.
The rest of the cast were outstanding, even brilliant at times, but Stana had a chance to really show what she can do, and she did it.


Favorite scene- TELL ME YOU NEED ME! Stana Katic did a wonderful job with her facial expressions during this scene, especially the ever so slight shifts between "Ah, sorry. There’s no dead bodies, just a lot of paperwork," "But you’re welcome to come and do your share," and "for once." Played perfectly. Alexis rage- Alexis still has a certain amount of resentment towards Beckett because of what happened at the funeral. She is very protective of her father, and whenever Castle is in danger, she associates the danger with Beckett. Her line, "They better," is also her way of saying "After all the danger my father has put himself through for you, and all the times he saved your life, it's time you come through and save him and his mother." She's not my girlfriend...yet- Part of the reason Castle tells Trapper John that Beckett is not his girlfriend is so that he can't be used as a bargaining chip against Beckett. However, if Castle actually was with Beckett, there is no way he says this, even for the psychological advantage it gives him. This leads me to the conclusion that the other reason Castle does this is because of his frustration that, despite all appearances, he and Beckett are not actually together. Save me, Castle!- I don't think that Castle actually saved Beckett in either instance in last season's finale, so I have to say...either Beckett shooting Dick Coonan or Castle pulling ALL the wires off the dirty bomb.


1.Esposito/Ryan-Castle Junior
2.She was angry
3. It was the truth and he was distancing himself.


-Esposito calling Ryan "Castle Junior" was my favorite but it was such a great episode I could write a long list. -It felt like Alexis was angry at Kate, not that any of this was her fault. Maybe she was just angry at the situation, and Ashley, and months of worry and Kate was there to take it out on. -I couldn't really tell what Castle was thinking but he usually falls back on the truth and like it or not, she's not his girlfriend. -I still love the very first time he saved her life when he pulled her down behind the counter as the bad guy fired on him in season one. That was the one where he made her promise never to call her kitten. Sometimes I really miss that flirty banter. It's still there sometimes but its more serious. Back then it was just fun. Of course serious would be great as long as it leads to something more.


Yay - Round Table Time!! 1. My favourite scene had to be Kate telling Trapper John she would put a bullet through his skull. That's the Beckett I've been missing since this season started - the confident, badass Beckett. I really hope she's back for good. Every honourable mention goes to Martha - she was great in this episode. 2. When Alexis said that I yelled at my TV: "Or else WHAT, Alexis?!" I'm sure some of it was just the stress of the situation. But I do agree that she's partly angry at Beckett because her dad's always in danger because of Kate (or that's how she might see it). I gotta say - I miss the old, mature, discerning, even-tempered Alexis. She was so refreshing. I hope the writers address this. 3. I agree that he was just being smart old Castle; he knew he'd be less valuable as leverage that way. Plus - he's seen Die Hard. No good if the bad guys know there's an emotional connection. In any case, Castle has always been a realist. 4. I'm with Christine - that scene in the hangar was sooo raw and emotional. From the time he picked her up to when they were outside and Castle was trying to get her to be quiet while saying how sorry he was...WOW. That's my favourite, hands down.

Sue ann

I've never seen anyone comment upon it anywhere, but I do think that Castle leaping and shoving Beckett at the funeral saved her life, because that bullet hit her in the right side of her chest, and it would have hit her in the heart, had he not been shoving her to the side at the time that it reached her. I watched that part seven times, and that's the way it appears to me. I do think that Alexis resents Beckett, as much as her rational side would want her father to be happy, and the snarling at Beckett seemed to me to be directed at Beckett, not at the situation. I think the best save is a toss-up between (1) figuring out that Beckett's attacker was still after her (apartment-blowing-up episode), hence calling in time to warn her so that she got in the cast iron tub which saved her life, and (2) when he carried her out of that airport. That was heart-breaking, and it is still hard to watch, as many times as I have viewed that episode on the DVD. I agree with Courtney that Castle was both telling the absolute truth, that Beckett is not his girl friend, and that he was devaluing himself in the eyes of the hostage-takers. I did not see Beckett telling Trapper John that she would kill him if he hurt Castle so much as a declaration of love for Castle, as I saw it as a taking-charge play to make the robbers know that she would not tolerate ANY of the hostages being hurt. I particularly appreciated her line that she does not "look", she "hunts". That is scary. So far this season, I'd say this has been the best episode.

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