Chuck Review: Who's Luke Skywalker?

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Last week's season premiere introduced us all to Morgan Grimes with the intersect, making us all wonder whether or not this was the correct path for the show to take. "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" expanded on that theme in a number of ways, both for good and for bad.

Intersect Morgan is all riled up and ready to take on all bad guys all the time. This can be good, as it proved to be hilarious when he named himself the Bearded Bandit and started talking in weird, deep voices.  It also provided a ton of great action sequences because our Bearded friend wanted to fight anyone and anything that was in the way.

The Chuck Trio

This was also bad, though, because he continued to get the gang into trouble. Whether it was getting his picture in the paper for being a terrible vigilante after the convenient store fiasco, or taking no regard for anyone else's ideas in running into Schneider's house all alone, Morgan forced Carmichael Industries to make a number of difficult decisions this week.

Worst of all is what the intersect seems to be doing to Morgan's brain. Throughout the episode I thought nothing of the bearded boys' actions, pointing towards intersect mood swings when trying to understand why he was so aggressive and forgetting clearly recognizable Indiana Jones references, but the final scene made it seem much more dangerous than that.

His final question to Gertrude when applying for the new position at Verbanski Industries - Who's Luke Skywalker? - made it pretty clear that the intersect is severely messing with Morgan Guillermo Grimes's head, and somebody is going to need to save him from himself.  That is unless I'm completely wrong, and he's just having mood issues. Which do you think it is?

Although Morgan was prominently featured in "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit," the rest of the gang did a fine job this week, making for a very well rounded Chuck Triple Threat. Let's take a look...


  • Chuck thinking Casey's grunting was a bit.
  • Awesome used public speaking tips to woo Ellie.
  • The Buy More was so empty that there was an actual tumbleweed.
  • The entire conversation between Big Mike and Awesome about shooting the commercial.
  • Casey's fake phone call to Verbanski...followed by his real immediate hang-up.


Morgan was all over the place, and it's still super obvious that it's stunt double in there during all fight scenes, but it's still fun to see him get in on the action. My favorite action bit had to be the double jump kick by Morgan and Chuck at Schneider's house.

I also loved it when Morgan explained to the bad guys "I'm gonna punch you in the face" while taking them down behind the nicely shaded door.

And how about Sarah Walker climbing that rock?  Did I miss something? Because it seemed strange that Casey and Chuck were right by her side after she just spent the better part of 10 minutes climbing up that very dangerous rock.  How did the other two get up there?


There were a couple of scenes between Chuck and Morgan that made it seem like Casa Forcella was getting a bit dusty. Chuckles cares so much about his friend, it's hard to see him have trouble handling the Bearded Bandit. He just wants to protect him, so when Morgan leaves and claims that Trilogy Night is more Chuck's thing, it's pretty heart-breaking.

Moving Forward

I'm super excited to see what happens between Casey and his old flame Verbanski. Carrie-Anne Moss proved up to the challenge of taking on Adam Baldwin in a toughness battle, but will Gertrude be able to break the hard shell of Casey?  I can't wait to find out.

I was a bit disappointed in the fact that Jeff Fahey did not look like he just stepped out of a Burt Reynolds movie. Other than that, he made a pretty believable rich jerk.

I thought "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" was a great second episode to Chuck's final season. What did you all think?


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how come chuck can suddenly fight


@EnjoyingtheFinalSeason YES!! I'm glad there are other people who are seeing the STORY and not just the characters. There is sooo much complaining about Morgan having the intersect, and so few people actually seeing how Chuck is growing as a spy because of that very reason. The next episode looks like it will be a great showdown. And I had to rewatch that clip to get the Firefly reference...nice catch! The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne...


Have any (most) of you commenters actually *watched* Chuck over the last few seasons? Every season the show has shifted gears at least once. Chuck had to lose the Intersect so that he could develop as a character (and I'm sure he'll get it back). Morgan getting the Intersect (which, as has been shown in previous storylines) has never really worked for anyone *except* Chuck) opens up a potentially *very* interesting storyline. I have no doubt that the 'real' Morgan will return when he's de-Intersected. By the way... the Awesome commercial. Did *nobody* catch the Firefly reference uttered by Casey??? Think back to Kaylee in "Jaynestown".


Well, hey I did warn them. I said don't make Morgan the intersect for the whole final season, I pointed out on numerous occasions while Chuck was being filmed about how the fans felt about that and all went ignored.
Basically I took it as the producers and writers FU to the fans (and still do btw). If it had been written properly they might have taken up a back nine but I wouldn't expect that now.
My (that's MY) original idea was for Chuck to man up, stop whining, get the girl and take care of her and lose the intersect for about 6 ep's in the meantime learning to think on his own and have Morgan beg to put it back in Chuck after he realized just how 1. Dangerous it can be and 2. Finally understanding the full responsibility of having the intersect..
if your going to write crap you are going to have a crap show and it gets cancelled.
I'm over it...


Okay, is Morgan's daddy a Big Shot producer/corporate guy/whatever to get the camera focused on him instead of Chuck, original star of "Chuck" ?
Not happy about this zig in the original storyline. What happened to the cut-above writers on "Chuck" ? Out sick or mistakenly dumped because they wanted more money?
Last night's show was not even fun to watch. I found myself cringing. My reaction was, "What? Oh crap. Could have gone a thousand ways but this way just rubs me the wrong way." and then, "This show could teach and entertain. might even evolve to be educational and enjoyable.
The format stay the same, the storylines more meaningful. I think the actors could handle ratcheting this up a bit.
Okay, here I'm going ot have to tell the truth. Ellie is two dimensional way wrong. We can mix and mingle here, her Awesome party can solidify himself and still be smoking hot. He doesn't have to announce it anymore. It could have been a quick commercial for Buymore and it probably would have worked. Something that would work even better is to get rid of the over the top stoners that continuously --and repulsively--keep opening their shirts and displaying flesh and chest hair I could have done without viewing (I see them on screen and I tighten up and go wow...learn something...find a girl who can see that essence of who you really want to be and go with it.)
Leering, tongue-lolling (literally) facial expressions of self-delusion--well, male-degrading idiotic stereotypes of aging, a sort of pathetic attempt at Harold and Kumar ---not necessary. Let them grow up. And slip in a personality or two that made sense. Another girl who proves smart but a distinct individual. Like Max and PArk Ave girl on "2 Broke Girls". Lots of potential there. Love that show! Anyway, Ellie's character could be colored in for us. Make her real. And for God's sake, if she and hubby are doctors, they ought to come across as lots more in focus, brain in gear. Scary enough fo rus to go to the doctor nowadays anyhow.
And I liked Morgan when he was simply being a cowardly good friend, with quirks. And didn't he finally get a girlfriend? What happened to her. Oh,yes, it was Casey's daughter.
Bring her back. As I recall she was a pretty good actress. Alternative story board: This could be an awesome show that can make you laugh but also deliver a message. Like Boston Legal. Like the first episodes of "Harry's Law" hit you right between the eyes. Like the first time you watched a documentary that afterward you sat there and thought, "What? How come we never see THAT on the news?" Maybe come into the present and do a show mimicking the current political climate in China...or Greece.
REAL storyline possibilities are everywhere.Unexpected deaths, assassinations are almost NORMAL nowadays.
Pretend KGB type conflicts that remind us of old "I Spy" episodes well, either you have a background that can carry them or make THEM the substructure.
You could even create an arch rival that people nowadays ARE fearful of really existing. (That would be interesting....a fully corrupt Congress, Arabian leaders who enjoy lavish, wasteful Shah of Iran lifestyles while their people starve. Our criticism of Chinese civil rights vs our own lack of them. Maybe you could develop a mega-wealthy "handler" intent on improving the world, since the CIA didn't pan out.
Bring back the Dad...His name escapes me now but he is truly sexy to us middle-aged women. Women of all ages, prolly. Yum. Yeah, yeah, big whoop, misfiring intersect, lots of holes in addressing this issue upfront. Chuck is majorly intelligent, so why was he being so thick-headed about not picking up on Morgan going Mr. Hyde? Sweet, cares-about-everybody Chuck should have said immediately, "Morgan, the stunt you pulled (in the convenience store) put the lives of ordinary citizens in danger,not to mention yours AND mine. You just can't do that. Using the Intersect can be deadly to others. Trust me. I KNOW~ It's not a freaking toy. " instead of delivering just plain idiotic dialog like, "Morgan, I'm here to protect you"?
Totally out of character. Awkward, badly written dialog throughout. Sarah was not believable when she addressed Chuck's question of whether or not she's "handling" him. What's with that? Another empty "I want to protect you" script in the offing? Casey's love interest in their competition? Sorry, that woman could play a women's fashion department store manager, maybe, but sexy enough to get him all shaken up? Nah. Just badly cast. I'm sure she's a great actress. Just not right for that part.
Bottom line, last night's story and dialog doesn't remotely resemble the snappy quirky off-the-wall stuff that caught my interest, not to mention Chuck's sudden and apparent makeover, with him now sporting what looks like a $200-haircut morphing into a James-Bond-in-training look alike. Nope.
Writers need to go back to basics if they want to hold their audience.
Or expand their horizons to teach and amuse. The way it looked last night, EVERYBODY seemed out of step. TO THE WRITERS: BTW - Morgan just doesn't have "it" : the charisma that can carry us with him when HE gets out of sincere but bumbling sidekick mode. Bring back the sincerity, keep the cowardliness even, but back out of this set up quick.
Just sayin'.
If you can't upgrade into a teaching entertainment, then,
Last resort: Put 'em back the way they was. Let Sarah get pregnant. Bring back a Daddy clone and kill off Mom Linda Hamilton (she overpowers her part--too well known).
oh yeah, Dad's name is Scott Bakula. Sexy. Very sexy. Let Casey turn out to be gay. Anything but this.


after this episode i can no longer say that morgan is one of my favorite characters.
he was annoyingly obnoxious about being the intersect and would not listen to chuck who was trying to help him. i wanted to throw something at my tv when ever he appeared on screen.
i also hated that morgan made chuck doubt his part in the team and his place in his relationship with sarah. as if not being the intersect wasn't enough!
otherwise it was great episode :D


I agree totally on the comment of joyeful. Although the episode felt less fun because Morgan was such a jerk, it did set up an ultimate storyline for the next couple of episodes. With a season of probably 13 episodes it would have been a waste to have an independent episode not working on the story and it is a good sign that they are moving forward in just the right gear. I cannot wait until the next episode to find out if Morgan will once again remember who Luke Skywalker is.


I don't like Morgan as the intersect. Thw tone of the show has changed and I think the characters are being written in a different way. I like the tumbleweed blowing thru the buy more and Awesome being the spokesperson for the store.


Notice that all the comments are about other characters than the guy the show is named for. No surprise since they have changed Chuck's personality so much. Where did the bumbling, charming guy go that made this show? What a shame there will be another opening for another reality show next season when this gets cancelled.


Joyeful, yeah I guess that could make sense regarding the rock climbing. Good call.

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