Covert Affairs Round Table: Debut Edition

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Welcome to the first-ever Covert Affairs Round Table!

Despite a dialogue-heavy, laid back episode of the USA hit this week, panelists Dan Forcella, Jeffrey Kirkpatrick and Chandel Charles have plenty to discuss. Join them below in dissecting "A Girl Like You," Q&A style...


What do you think about Auggie's new "official" relationship with Parker?
Jeffrey: I'm not a fan of it so far. It seems like an unnecessary distraction to me, unless she turns out to be some undercover rogue agent that is trying to infiltrate the CIA. Sadly that doesn't seem to be this show's speed. If she somehow turns out to be integral to part of Auggie's story (maybe she dies in whatever country she's heading to and we get to watch the incredible Chris Gorham tackle the grief) then maybe I'll climb aboard, but so far I'm not impressed.

Chandel: I think it's good that Auggie has something going on in his personal life. I'm sure it's fulfilling in that sense, so good for him!

Dan: I think the "official" part of it is a little weird, but I'm glad that he has finally found a girl he wants to attempt something real with. The fact that said girl is played by the gorgeous Devin Kelley only makes me happier to watch.

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Will Jai take Joan's advice to never cross her publicly again or keep it to himself?
Jeffrey: He'd better. Joan plays for keeps. Jai has no idea the whirlpool of trouble he is gonna get himself sucked into if he continues to cross her. Although I'd actually like to see him cross her again. I love it when Joan goes ferocious. Kari Matchett is flawless.

Chandel: Probably not. I feel like Jai is notorious for manipulating and doing what he wants. He hasn't grasped the concept of following directions. He's just a spoiled rich kid who does what he pleases and will likely continue to do so until it costs him dearly and reforms his behavior.

Dan: I think so. Instead, Jai will just continue to cross Joan behind closed doors, which will come back to bite him in the end.

Where does Eyal rank in terms of Annie's possible love interests on the series?
Jeffrey: Just below Auggie. I know, we're not ready for she and Auggie to go there (yet), but all in due time. In the meantime, she's had the most chemistry with Eyal than any of her potential suitors - yes even more than Ben "Wolfman" Mercer - so I wouldn't object to the two getting to tango every now and then. However, this question raised another in my mind - whatever happened to Conrad (Eric Lively), Arthur's right hand from the pilot whom Annie flirted with and we suspected might be up to no good? I guess he was replaced by Jai?

Chandel: Not very high. I still think Ben ranks pretty high, but I'm one of those who hopes somewhere along the line that A-squared becomes the new shipper craze and Annie and Auggie are together. I don't think Eyal really ought to count as a love interest. He drops by every once in a while, there's a distinction between a viable love interest and a fling, and Eyal qualifies as potential fling.

Dan: There was sexual tension for days between these two, but I don't see anything every materializing. What about Annie and Jai? Nobody?!?

Annie Walker cuffs you to a bedpost in a hotel room... how do you escape?
Jeffrey: You don't!

Chandel: I don't know. I would hope I wasn't finding myself in that particular predicament in the first place. I would probably hope that I was triple jointed in my thumb so I could simply slip my hand through somehow...but I don't have much faith in that strategy!

Dan: Well, in the particular situation Eyal was in, I believe I would have swung my legs around in an attempt to kick the lamp on the table, which would have smashed into a bunch of little pieces. Grabbing one of those flying shards, I cut the cuffs off of my wrist, and I'm ready for action.


1. Although I'm glad that Auggie has something good happening in his personal life, I'm with Jeff that their relationship seems to be distracting. The scenes with Auggie and Parker in this particular episode actually hindered the pacing of the episode and could have gone without it. 2. Not sure what to say in regards to this. Jai crossing Joan does make things interesting, but not sure where Jai's character's going to go, especially if he continues to challenge authority. 3. I am 100% behind Annie and Eyal becoming a couple, although I know it technically can't happen because Annie's forbidden from dating foreigners. It would be an interesting twist if they did have a relationship, and she kept it secret from the Agency - after all, that's what the Agency does, and everyone has secrets. I agree with Jeff that Annie has more chemistry with Eyal than anyone else, even Ben. Chandel's right though in that, at the present moment, with Eyal only being on the show once in a while, he falls into the "fling" category. However, if he were to be made a series regular, I think that could change things. There's just no denying the attraction between these two and I would like to see more of them together in the future. They're an incredible team together in the field (they work well together despite the problems Eyal presents for Annie, and their bickering/banter is really hilarious) and they're just as good (if not better) when they're alone (and in more ways than one). 4. First of all, I doubt Annie would tie me to the bed frame. If it was Eyal however.......


1. agree with chandel
2. totally agree with chandel
3.eyal (aka james bond) brags to annie walker how he uses women to gain intel.bad move. remember her reaction to auggie's liza op. love annie. like auggie. but a marriage between,wouldn't last 2yrs.wrong temperment/personality types. best friends best. alias ben mercer with the dangerous persona has returned to his deep cover in the underworld after being dumped on the tarmac without any explanation by the only woman he has ever loved. the writers,in interviews, have indicated he won't be back. (my ex swears ben was the shooter in venice but he's a ben fan). so... annie should take a break from romance and concentrate on the career.
4. i would have lathered it with gorilla glue before application.what a condescending chauvinist.


1. Kind of with Jeff. I love Auggie. He's my favorite character, and even though I'm probably a closet Auggie and Annie shipper, that has no impact on my not caring for this. It seems unnecessary to me. I mean we all know Auggie's a bit of a ladies man and has no problem getting laid so unless this relationship will lead to something truly crazy happening, I don't get the point. Just like I don't get the point of even showing Danielle now that she's in the know. 2.He will. They both are set in their ways. It'll be fun to watch when it happens again because Joan is not to be messed with. 3.I love Eyal. He's awesome. When they first introduced him he's had this undeniable charm and overall sexiness and you just knew he'd be coming back. Honestly, out of all of the men that have legitimate chances of being called a suitor (so excluding Auggie because as of now they're angling for the friendshp thing). Eyal is the only one I've seen Annie have chemistry with. Eyal and Auggie...the only two guys that seem like they could handle Annie, be her equal rather than running all over her (like Ben) or being run over by her (like...everyone else).


1. I'm with Dan.
2. I'm with Dan.
3. Never going to happen.

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