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Covert Affairs Season 2 Finale Preview: Hope for Aggie?!?

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This hasn't been the most exciting set of winter episode for Covert Affairs, not for that show's main critic at least. Read his take on this week's installment HERE.

But, for many, all will be redeemed if Annie and Auggie actually get together on next week's season two finale. That possibility is teased in the following USA promo for "Letter Never Sent," which will take us to Stockholm and which will place Danielle's life in danger when she's mistaken for a spy.

Watch the teaser now and prepare for a shocking conclusion to the season.

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auggie and annie?


I do hope that something happens between Auggie and Annie most likely not but can always hope.


Personally I'd really like them to be together because of they dont this season doesn't seem to be going anywhere just random bits and pieces here and there and Annie and auggie have been getting closer especially after the half a world away episode and world leader pretend. But that's just me idk it would make me happy if they wrote it and did it well which I'm not sure they will because all the romance in this season has been so rushed


I think auggie and annie are so cute together!!! It's getting more interesting.


annie needs to skip the romance and concentrate on her career. ben's gone and so are my significant other and his friends(bigtime ben fans). they enjoyed alias ben mercer's stealthiness and every episode he was on,his appearance seemed to change slightly,like a real spy. why don't the writers do that with annie? what happened to alias amber truesdale,persona D.C. hooker (s1 e1)? give her aliases,different personae,make her ugly,if possible. make the show more interesting. don't give her a new boyfriend.


Sorry for all the spelling errors, really should read something over before I hit submit.. LOL!


I'm with kcg on this one. Annie and Auggie... No Way, he is just a good friend who is always there for her, as it should be! Romance, might as well end the show. The second season has be nothing to write home about, as far a I'm concerned. Partly due to her growing and having very little contract with the person who she really loves, Ben Mercer! JMHO!


sorry, i'm not one of the many. writers'choice,i guess. too bad. really cute as best friends. but #1 on my s1 clarification list is why has auggie been there for annie since day 1? he's been like a cia fitness trainer,special ops style self defense,teaching her the game,always around to answer her questions,treating her like someone special,looking after her,protecting her.even became a friend to her sister.yet auggie's never shown any romantic interest in annie. never made a pass at her. only said that he liked her.weird.